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Exercises for advanced abs

If you are already a person who performs abdominal exercises regularly and knows the correct technique to carry them out, and therefore you want to start an advanced routine that allows you to mark and strengthen your muscles better, it is important that you choose those that give you better results. Read More

Day 1

Without a doubt, one of the superheroes most desired by men is "Wonder Woman". And to achieve that body, the actress Gal Gadot, had to train every day to achieve that figure and represent that character with dignity. Read More

1st osteoarthritis race and GetQoralHealth.com

Osteoarthritis is a preventable disease. If you exercise regularly and improve your eating habits, you can reduce the risk of suffering osteoarthritis. This Sunday, September 23, 2012, the first osteoarthritis race will be held for the prevention and timely diagnosis of this disease. Read More

10 benefits of swimming

One of the most complete exercises to work your mind and body is swimming; keeps you in shape, strengthens your muscles and your memory, so it is recommended that you practice at any age.1. Your quality of life improves. Swimming allows you to delay the stage of aging; your motor capacity increases, as does your memory, since greater concentration and coordination is required. Read More

We have courtesies!

Whether you have been running for a while or are starting, do not forget to follow these tips to avoid injuries. Running is an activity that frees you, helps you lose weight and improves your physical condition and cardiovascular functions, but it is very important to do it correctly. Read More

10 reasons to swim

Swimming, one of the most complete exercises, is recommended for people of any age, whether they are babies or older adults, because it offers tranquility and relaxation. Read More

10 of exercises that burn more calories

Because many people aim to lose weight during this new year, they look for alternatives that allow them to optimize time as their effort. That is why at GetQoralHealth.com we present 10 activities and the approximate number of calories that are burned during 30 years. minutes of your practice. 1. Run. Burns around 450 calories (based on 1.6 km in eight minutes). In execution it also gives a fantastic cardiorespiratory training, provides strength in the legs and endurance are used to the maximum, but some of the benefits are accumulated to the upper body. 2. Rock climbing. Burns about 371 calories because its activity is based on bursts of ene Read More

10 reasons to practice spinning

Spinning is one of the most used training methods in gyms. Although it is considered a "non-impact" sport, that is, there is no physical risk when exercising it, it is important to take into account the physical condition of each person and not to overdo it in practice. Read More

10 reasons to exercise

If what you want are effective arguments to start moving, see and feel better, here we give you 10 advantages of exercising. If you practice it at least three times a week, in a period of not less than 30 minutes, you will notice the difference. 1. You eliminate stress and anxiety. Exercise, being a natural tranquilizer, reduces tensions. Read More

10 tricks to mark the abdomen

When you see an outlined, toned and sensual abdomen you must imagine the arduous hours of exercise that you must do to achieve an equal one; However, there are some tricks that help you mark the abdomen without much effort. Read More

3 exercises to strengthen your pectorals

The work for pectorals helps women to improve strength not only in the upper body, but also by the action it has on the connective tissue that surrounds this muscle, as well as the adipose tissue of the breast. Read More

3 exercises to strengthen shoulders

Did you know that the shoulders support the muscles of your arms? That is why it is important that you perform specific exercises to strengthen and tone them; because if you have strong shoulders you can increase your load volume support and avoid injuries. Read More

3 exercises for marked arms

Having firm arms is a constant concern of men and women. To meet these needs there are arm exercises marked easy to do. If you do not have time to go to the gym, but you have dumbbells, you can perform these exercises for marked arms. Do not forget that before doing these exercises for marked arms, perform a previous warm-up and when finished, a series of cooling to prevent injuries. Read More

3 exercises for hand muscles

The exercises for the muscles of the hands and wrists are based on the execution of certain movements with aerobic and anaerobic base, with the purpose of strengthening them and avoiding Read More

3 steps for a flat stomach

Having a flat stomach with marked muscles is the dream for men and women; However, there are many factors that prevent having a body of envy, such as inflammation or flaccidity. Read More

3 tips to tone your thighs

The thighs are one of the parts of the body where most body fat accumulates, so its tendency to flaccidity is greater. Therefore, it is important to keep them in shape, improve muscle tone and increase their strength. Read More

What are the benefits of these movements?

Learn 5 benefits of doing barbell exercises. Increase your strength and improve your posture with barbell exercise. The coach Jorge Rodríguez shows you some exercises with a bar, effective to burn fat. Read More