With animals

Damage to pyrotechnics in the "hairy":

The pyrotechnics is a tradition that although it may be to the liking of many, represents a danger not only for people, but for pets. For the latter, it can be quite a torture, due to his auditory acuity ... Researchers and veterinarians from the University of Oslo, Norway, say that firecrackers and fireworks cause terror in pets, even more than the one that generates them the noise of a shot, of traffic or of thunder. Read More

Learn about the benefits of delphinotherapy

Interaction with dolphins, mainly Tursiops truncatus, within zoological and aquarium pools is called. With this activity, the people in charge of zoos affirm that it improves the quality of life of children suffering from disabilities related to the central nervous system. It also applies to adults in the process of drug detoxification, with depressed people, stressed and even with pregnant women. Read More

Symptoms of insect and spider bites

For the general public, the bites of spiders or insects do not represent a major danger. The injection of "saliva" of the insect, or its venom, into our skin can cause a small inflammation that will last a few hours or days. The bites of mosquitoes, flies, ticks, bugs or spiders are very similar, however, some of them can transmit diseases such as dengue, malaria or encephalitis. If you are allergic to spider bites or insects, the bite can be a much more severe problem. Some bites may be associated with specific diseases. Spiders: Their bites are rarely fatal, but adults or children who are allergic to certain species may have an increased ri Read More

Animal-assisted therapy

What would you think if your doctor recommended you to have a pet? Pets can provide physical and psychological benefits in the treatment of many diseases. There are many studies that have been conducted on this subject, but it is now that its real application begins to spread. Read More