He can never forget you, science proves it

Culturally it is believed that for a man love is something temporary, or failing easy to forget . However, it is the opposite, at least as far as memory is concerned; a woman has greater ability to erase an ex from her thinking, unlike the male.

And interestingly ... a study has just proved this theory.

Researchers of the Binghamton University , in London, they studied 5,705 people from 96 different countries to measure the physical and emotional pain that results from ending a relationship.

On average, women rate our emotional pain (including feelings such as sadness, depression, anxiety, fear and lack of concentration) as higher on the scale (1 being no pain, 10 being much pain) than men, 6.84 versus 6.58. .

We also averaged higher scores in physical pain (which included insomnia, panic attacks, eating disorders and changes in weight) than men, in a 4.21 vs. 3.75.

This proved that women actually felt more emotional and physical pain ... but also found that men take longer to overcome a thunder.

What we do share is the kind of feelings, such as anger and depression, rather than fear or instability. Also, both sexes have problems sleeping or problems with weight.

Then these scientists were given the task of finding why women are more affected by ending up with a person than men and the response was attributed to biology. (Yes, we also lose in that ... although everything depends on how you see the glass).

According to Craig Morris, director of the study, women evolved to invest much more in a relationship than men. "A simple sexual encounter can result in 9 months of pregnancy followed by months of breastfeeding and many years of maternal care for women of old (something that has not changed so much) while men could follow their way minutes later without further commitment biological".

The risk of getting pregnant made women more selective when choosing a man, tending to look for partners that we consider high quality, that is, subjects worthy of implanting their seed to reproduce us.

Therefore, ending a relationship with a man we consider "high quality" can hurt more physically as well as emotionally.

But the men tried to have these feelings of pain for longer ... When they detach from a partner they feel they have to "compete" again, that is, they are terrified to think that they have to go back to the bachelor's market to replace their lost partner .

That's why men have deeper scars of thunder than women, while we, once we heal, move on without turning back.

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