Create IPN nuggets rich in fiber and proteins

In order to promote a healthy diet among the child population and offer a food product of rapid preparation and instant consumption, students of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) elaborated Nuggets that have high content in proteins , vitamins Y fiber , because its formulation is based on Turkey meat Y vegetables .

The creators of this healthy product are Karen Azucena Flores Urbán , Yazmin Idalia Garcia Bonilla , Mariana Escobedo Rendón Y Daniel Cisneros Torres , students of the National School of Biological Sciences (ENCB) of the IPN, who argued that in Mexico a large amount of Turkey meat , so this raw material can be used to elaborate this one, and other products, due to the type of proteins that has.

In this regard, Flores Urbán explained that the quality and quantity of proteins which contains the Turkey meat is superior to chicken, beef and pork: "It also has lower amount of fat Y cholesterol . For this reason, it is important to diversify its consumption, since in the holiday season it is when it is consumed the most and the rest of the year only a minimum percentage of the population includes it in its diet everyday. "

The young polytechnic noted that in addition to the high content of proteins , the Nuggets They are rich in vitamins from the pea and the fiber of the carrot, so they also favor the digestion : "The Turkey meat It provides proteins, peas and carrots, vitamins, fiber and carbohydrates, so that the result is a highly nutritious and pleasant product, "added Flores Urban.

For his part, Escobedo Rendón indicated that among the advantages of the food prepared by the students of the IPN, on conventional nuggets, is that they do not require frying : "With the baking process they are subjected to, it is enough, they can be consumed cold or maybe they can be heated a bit on a low heat, but the idea is to avoid addition of fat ”.

For the benefits that the consumption of the Turkey meat for health, polytechnic students contemplate the possibility of scaling this, and other products designed in the ENCB so that the population can benefit from this type of food, which, while still being fast food, represents a nutritional alternative for children.

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