10 of exercises that burn more calories

Because a lot of people have a purpose lose weight During this new year, they look for alternatives that allow them to optimize times as their effort.

Therefore, in GetQoralHealth .com we present 10 activities and the approximate calories who burn for 30 minutes of their practice.

1. Running . Burning around 450 calories (based on 1.6 km in eight minutes). In execution it also gives a fantastic cardiorespiratory training, provides strength in the legs and endurance are used to the maximum, but some of the benefits are accumulated to the upper body.

2. Rock climbing . Burning about 371 calories because its activity is based on bursts of energy that allow the body more strength, strength and flexibility.

3. Swimming . Burning around 360 calories . Provides excellent body training in general. The best way of training is based on intervals: swim two lengths, catch your breath and then repeat.

4. Cycling . Burning between 300 and 400 calories depending on the intensity. It is a great cardiovascular exercise , gives strength and tone to legs, abdomen and arms. Highly recommended since the bicycle is the one that supports the weight and not the body itself.

5. Box . Burning around 325 calories through a training routine (with the same effort as during a round). Flange an enormous cardiorespiratory capacity and muscular resistance.

6. Basketball . The continuous action of this sport allows to burn around 288 calories in that time Flexibility, endurance and cardiorespiratory capacity develops.

7. Rowing . They burn about 280 calories . Extra energy is spent while muscle and strength builds up in the biceps, thighs and shoulders. The key to rowing is in the technique: the coordination of the legs, back and arms to work as one. Kayak and canoe burn around 170 calories in half an hour.

8. Tennis . They burn between 250 and 300 calories At the same time cardiorespiratory capacity develops because it requires speed, agility, strength and rapid reaction.

9. Skating . They burn about 252 calories and skating (copper all on ice) has the advantage of exercising without stressing the joints. Strengthens the thighs, calves, hamstrings and glutes. The turns allow to strengthen and tone the abdominals. Extending arms, helps balance and also works deltoids, biceps and triceps.

10. Dancing . They get to burn between 180 and 200 calories depending on the rhythm. The most agitated, like the swing, gives a session of aerobic exercises of moderate intensity. Flexibility, strength and endurance develops.

Before practicing any of these activities, preferably consult your doctor to ensure that your practice does not involve any risk to your health. Also, warm up well, stretch, wear proper footwear and keep a moderate pace to avoid injury.

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