3 exercises for hand muscles

The exercises for the muscles of the hands Y dolls are based on the execution of certain movements based aerobic and anaerobic , with the purpose of strengthening them and avoiding injuries temporary or permanent.

The dolls are perhaps one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, because when we perform exercise , these are always involved in most movements, and therefore tend to suffer more than any other area.

These exercises they also serve those who suffer arthritis or the carpal tunnel syndrome , which are sufferings apart from painful, very constant. Therefore, we present you some exercises that serve as treatment or therapy rehabilitation :

1. To strengthen the wrist you must place your hand under a surface that can be raised, in order that the index finger can slightly raise this surface; This exercise is very useful to increase the strength of the muscles of the hand.

2. To reinforce the tendons you must place an elastic cord or ligate in both dolls Then try to separate them with all possible force during the time you resist the most. In this way the tendons they are demanded to the maximum and acquire greater strength.

3. To have a better stretch of the muscles of the hand, you can stretch your arms completely, then take your fingers and pull your hand back, until you reach the minimum point of pain, in order to achieve a good elongation .

While many people believe that selling the doll or placing wristbands, that keep the joint subject, they will avoid injuries , but in the long run is not the most appropriate since the articulation becomes "vague" and is more prone to suffer some kind of injury . The ideal is to make this type of exercises as part of the warm-up prior to other activities.

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