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We present 5 benefits of Tai Chi. You want to discover how practicing Tai Chi can improve all aspects of your life and reduce the pain and stiffness produced by arthritis. Tai Chi is a discipline with an infinity of benefits, discover what they are. Read More

Tai-Chi and Yoga take care of your health

The daily practice of yoga and tai-chi generates many benefits to your health, since it reduces stress, gives greater strength and flexibility, leaves a feeling of calm and peace, improves the system i Read More

3 keys to learn to meditate

You do not need to perform a specific posture to start this relaxation technique. All you need is to find a quiet place where you can be alone. You can lie down or sit in a comfortable position; Then think of a place that will generate peace and pleasure. The three steps, to achieve a meditation, are: Read More

4 exercises to find happiness

Know 4 exercises of conscious meditation and get your happiness. Pay attention to each moment, is one of the exercises of conscious meditation that will help you achieve happiness. Read More

5 benefits of meditation

Meditating for a few minutes a day helps you reduce stress and also broadens your vision of life. Therefore, it is said that meditation is our best friend, because it helps us to free ourselves from all the negative thoughts we bring and accumulate in our mind. Read More

5 celebrities who practice meditation

Meditation is the technique par excellence of spiritual hygiene that, among many of its effects, diffuses the concerns and cultivates the equanimity with respect to itself. Through this one acquires the ability to observe one's mental dynamics, which leads to making decisions calmly and correctly. There are several scientific studies that say that it improves the mental and physical health, which reduces the risk of getting sick. To meditate, you do not have to believe in any religion or special philosophy. It is highly recommended because it helps us to have a balance in life, both emotionally and physically, as well as spiritually. The firs Read More

5 keys to meditate

The most effective way to meditate is to propose it and be sure that you will do it, because you do not need anything extraordinary to do it, just a comfortable place that gives you peace and tranquility, says the lecturer and writer, Deborah King. Read More

5 sufferings that are reduced when meditating

The practice of meditation techniques helps your physical, emotional and mental health. Transcendental and introspective meditation allow to prevent some diseases and their symptoms. Stress, depression, cancer, Alzheimer's and heart and respiratory diseases can be prevented or reduced with these meditation techniques. Read More

Benefits of meditation

The practice of meditation, through its various techniques, provide balance this Christmas. One of the benefits of meditation techniques at Christmas is that it protects against respiratory diseases. In addition, some meditation techniques are effective to raise body temperature during the winter season. Read More

5 tips to meditate

Meditation is a discipline that can be done at any place and time, you just have to learn to relax and focus on some thought, to enjoy its benefits. The objective of this technique is to get carried away by the thoughts and discover all the corners of your mind, that is, to know yourself. For this, we give you the following tips: Read More

7 benefits of meditation on athletes

Learn about the benefits of meditation in scientifically proven athletes. Some benefits of meditation on athletes is to prepare them mentally to achieve a better physical performance, find out why. Read More

7 forms of meditation in movement

You do not need a special position to meditate, since there are many forms of meditation that you can practice from wherever you are. Are there other forms of meditation that are not sitting? Yes, find out in this article and relax. Read More

7 reasons to meditate

In many occasions it is thought that meditating is a religious activity, and it is believed that in order to carry it out it is necessary to be part of some sect, but it is not so. It is a millenary practice to which we can all access and enjoy its benefits. In an interview for, the lecturer and writer, Deborah King, explains the benefits of meditation: Read More

Meditation contacts you with your interior

When you need to remember who you are and where you come from, meditation is the door to access the interior, especially if you have realized that everything is designed so that our attention is on appearance, materially. Read More

Change your genetics!

Several studies suggest that meditation changes your body, both in genetics and in the brain. Learn why meditation changes your body and its benefits. Specialists tell you how meditation changes your body and some tips to practice it. Read More

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If you want to improve your lifestyle, relax and say goodbye to stress, we invite you to this Monday, March 25, to enter our video chat at 7:00 p.m. (DF time), so that you can learn to meditate with our yogi, Ana Paula Domínguez, director of the Mexican Institute of Yoga (IMY). Read More

Does meditation improve memory?

Know the benefits of meditation. An investigation reveals that meditation controls your emotions and sensations. Meditation helps you reduce depression and pain. Read More

Positive decrees for your food

Without a doubt, the power that one gives to food is fundamental, because when you think that a certain product will do you good, you prepare yourself emotionally and feel that this is happening. In an interview with Alfonso Santiago Amanza, therapist of the AgoraLucis Center, affirms that the mind is fundamental to create or make things happen: "The decrees (affirmations) are part of our daily life and this applies to your work life, sentimental and in your body". Read More