5 exercises to improve your sex life

The benefits of exercise are unimaginable. Some studies indicate that when you practice it you feel better about yourself, it increases libido, blood circulation and sexual functioning. To enjoy all these benefits, GetQoralHealth advises you these five exercises that will help you improve your sex life, as well as strengthen your body: 1.- Triceps extension: According to trainer Jennifer Nicole Lee, this exercise helps to strengthen the upper part of the body, so it will be easier for you to hold on to your partner or on the bed, to have longer sex sessions. Also, if you do it sitting on a ball, it will strengthen your middle, back and abdome Read More

5 sexy practices that shape your body

We all know that exercise improves our mood and our health in general, but if this still does not make you get out of bed to go to the gym, you may have to think of a more interesting routine to improve another factor in your life: the sex Read More

Increase calorie burning with sex

According to the book The Ultimate Sex Diet, by Kerry McCloskey, you already have one more reason to enjoy sex with your partner, because half an hour of intercourse helps you burn between 150 and 350 calories. Read More

Exercise your pleasure

Know our exercise routine to have more intense orgasms. With this routine you can strengthen the pelvic muscles with exercises and have more intense orgasms. Kegel exercises are part of this routine to have more intense orgasms. Read More

Tips for tantric sex

Tantric sex is a discipline that shares many of its principles with yoga and allows prolonged and relaxed encounters, as well as a physical and spiritual union so intense, that orgasms reach Read More

Kegel exercises after prostate cancer

Kegel exercises, although known for their practice among women, are also beneficial for men. Especially in those who have suffered from prostate cancer, since it strengthens the pelvic muscles that tend to weaken due to the treatment. Read More

1. Lizards

According to Rich Weil, trainer of the Center of Investigations on Obesity in New York, "in the sex it requires the participation of diverse muscles, and if you exercise them, you will have a better performance." The good news is that you do not need to kill yourself, they are enough Between 3 and 5 workouts of 30 minutes a week The best exercises to improve your sex life are: 1. Lizards "They are the perfect exercise: although they work mainly the chest and the triceps, they also involve the rest of the muscles", assures the trainer Jessica Bottesch Because it tones the whole body, this exercise improves your strength, which will make you pe Read More

Kegel exercises improve your sexual response

Pelvic floor exercises, or Kegel exercises, strengthen the muscles of the pelvis. These muscles contract and relax to help control the closure and opening of the bladder. They were created by Dr. Arnold Kegel in the city of Los Angeles, E.U.A. in the forties. Read More