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10 negative effects of the diets

The word "diet" has been distorted a lot, since it refers to a style and behavior of healthy life and not to follow "plans" that endanger the health of people. According to the Ellen West Foundation, diets often bring physical consequences such as: Read More

11 dishes that you should avoid at Christmas

Punch Between the cane, the fruit, the piloncillo, and worse, if you add rum or vodka, this delicious drink will do more than keep you warm during the month of December. Each rate you serve has an average of 350 calories. So it is better not to fall into excess. Gravy Read More

Cinnamon and honey

With this cold, nothing pleases us more than a hot drink. How would you like to try these teas that, in addition to giving you warmth, will help you get rid of the slices? Take them on an empty stomach and burn fat in a sweet and effective way! Cinnamon and honey Ingredients 1 spoonful of cinnamon powder 1 spoon of honey Juice of 1 lemon 1 piece of ginger Preparation: Read More

Processed meat

This disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. If you do not want to be part of the statistics of cancer patients, improve your habits and take these foods out of your diet: Processed meat Read More

7 reasons why you do not lose weight

Losing weight is not only an aesthetic issue, since the health of overweight or obese people is diminished if they do not improve their lifestyle, as well as their eating and sports habits. Read More

Cardiovascular exercise.

There are different tips to aggravate your legs, when we follow these tips, it is possible to achieve it in a week. Thin your legs in a week following these tips. Read More

Balanced nutrition is key to optimize your health

Undoubtedly, the snacks are essential in the national holidays, but the excess of food can be translated into alterations in the healthy functioning of the body and end up in an emergency room and even put at risk the life of a person. In this regard, specialists from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) urge the population to moderate the consumption of typical foods or dishes prepared during this season. Read More

Increases uric acid by not eating breakfast

Did you know that not having breakfast can cause uric acid? The reason is that people who skip the most important food of the day, have the "Fat Brain". That is, they get up without hunger, but in the afternoon they suffer attacks of anxiety to eat. Even without overeating they have more abdominal fat. Read More

Lose weight with the lemon diet

The lemon diet is an effective way to lose weight; however, it can cause health problems. Although it is claimed that the lemon diet helps to detoxify the body, this method lacks a scientific sustenance. Know what the lemon diet consists of and how it affects health. Read More

Lose weight and accelerate your metabolism

The discovery that food does not get fat during breakfast highlighted the importance of our internal clock and metabolism. Formerly doctors and nutritionists thought that to lose weight the best advice was to close your mouth. They recommended diets based on the Nutrition Pyramid. Read More

What is it going

More than a diet, clean eating is a lifestyle. And although at first sight it seems to be healthy, it can have serious consequences in the body. What it is about As its name says, the premise of this diet is "eat clean", avoiding those "dirty" foods, that is, processed or refined. It promotes the inclusion of complex carbohydrates, contained in fruits, cereals and vegetables. Read More

Other causes of gynecomastia:

Men can also see enlarged breasts. This disorder is called gynecomastia and one of the risk factors is, nothing more and nothing less than excess junk food. Such is the case of Xiao Yang, originally from China ... The thirteen-year-old was treated at the Zhejiang Central Hospital Wenzhou, China, to learn the reason why his breasts were growing. Read More

Create sweet coconut IPN with protein

Students of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) made a traditional sweet, cocada type enriched with fish, which in addition to containing carbohydrates from coconut, has high quality proteins. Read More

Meet the new diet of the creator of Facebook

The new diet of Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook, consists of consuming food, only those animals that he kills. In this regard, Zuckerberg, sent an email to Fortune magazine, where he said: "This year, I started to start in vegetarianism, since the only meat I eat is that of the animals I kill." Read More

Discover why we diet

Take care of what you eat, count calories, exercise, diet, weight loss pills, liposuction, creams and slimming soaps, all these seem to be a normal part of the current culture. Have you ever thought about how this obsession with losing weight began? The reality is that losing weight was not considered a problem in earlier times. Most were busy trying to survive and have at least one meal a day. Read More