Healthy transport!

Mountain bikes, race, youth, children, there is a great variety for all kinds of people, and the reasons to use the bike not only have to do with avoiding traffic or moving faster, but also with better Health and the lifestyle.

The people of the countries where the bicycle is used a lot are healthier, happier and social, suffer less pollution and have a very cozy place to live, is the conclusion of the study of Rachel Aldred , sociologist and transport expert of the University of Westminster .


Healthy transport!

For you to join during 2015 the lucky group of people who already use the bike , we share excellent reasons that will motivate you to say yes.

1. Reduce pollution. Both atmospheric and auditory pollution are associated with deaths from cardiovascular diseases Y lung cancer . Move in bike You can reduce this pollution by up to 10%.

2. Help your figure. Transporting by bicycle guarantees the increase of your quadriceps by 40% in just ten weeks, says a study published in the Europe PubMed Central . This will prevent you from having to implement effort within a fitness center , and the cost.

3. Fight stress. Both driving and traffic are potentials of the stress , therefore, using the bicycle to travel reasonable distances is a good way to avoid them and as it is a exercise , also reduces the levels of cortisol .

4. Protect the heart. Do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise helps the body to have a heart rate minor, which at the same time showed an increase in theiragility , which was proven in children between three and five years old, through a study of the University of Miami Medical School .

5 Cause happiness. Not only because it improves your well-being in general, but because using the bike , which is the same as doing exercise , increases the levels of serotonin Y dopamine in the brain, hormones directly associated with the sensation of happiness .

Video Medicine: NewCities Summit 2017 - Clean and Healthy Transport Systems (April 2023).