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Love improves the development of children

Bringing a child to the world, is not a decision that can be made only based on the purchasing power of a couple, because the child will not depend solely on it to grow healthy. The couple requires the best advice for parents, since the children will need a guide and example that will help them to be trained as an integral person that, with the passage of time, will be able to respond to the challenges of all kinds that life will present to them. . Read More

10 tips vs bullying

The bullying all those school aggressions that are exerted on a child. The consequences of bullying if not detected early on the part of parents, damage the physical and emotional health of children, in extreme cases until death. Read More

5 keys for happy children

Adults assume that childhood is the happiest stage of a person's life, but it is not always the case. Many children feel sad and in extreme cases may suffer from depression, anxiety, stress and irritability. Read More

5 causes of unintentional injuries in children

Around 830 thousand children die each year in the world due to accidents that could be avoided, 95% of these deaths occur in developing countries. In addition to these unfortunate losses, accidents cause tens of millions of children to be hospitalized for injuries that will often leave them disabled for life. Read More

5 gifts to spoil mom

There are many occasions when you give Mommy something of your imagination, or what your pocket allows for your day, or even join your brothers or dad to give something in a symbolic way. Read More

Unconditional and flavored love ...

Discover how food can be the vehicle for parents and teenagers to take care of their emotional ties. Parents and adolescents, a difficult combination to imagine at this stage in the life of a child. However, food can be key. We present 5 tips to take care of the affective bonds between parents and adolescents. Read More

5 tips to choose the ideal summer course

Summer vacations are about to start and many dads do not know how to choose the ideal summer course for their children. For this, according to the portal the first step that must be done is to define the objective that is intended to achieve with these activities. For you to choose the best summer course, suggests the following strategies. Read More

5 tips to improve the self-esteem of your children

According to a study by the University of Meryland, promoting good self-esteem in children improves their emotional and cognitive development. According to this research, during childhood, personality and integral well-being are determined in adult life. To improve the self-esteem of your children, recommends the following tips. Read More

5 tips to encourage discipline in your children

Fostering discipline in children is not an easy task, since sometimes we cling to keep doing what does not work for us, if the way you are educating the little ones is time to change. The value of discipline will be the key to success in all stages of life. It is acquired by providing our person with order, efficiency, responsibility and character. Educating is not easy and sometimes it hurts. Read More

How can you protect yourself from these types of attacks?

If you're a family man this story will make your hair stand on end and not just because of the appearance of a ghost but because now hackers attack baby monitors. Now that you know that hackers attack baby monitors, change the password that comes with your monitor for a long and hard to guess. A new modality of Read More

8 tips for child nutrition

1. The food should not be a formal and boring moment. The feeding will be easier if the dishes are included extra decoration. A vegetable salad is not the same as the face of a clown with carrots, cucumbers and lettuce. 2. Never let breakfast go by. It is considered the essential element of the day and therefore should never disappear from the diet of girls and boys. Read More

Alert risks of smart watches for children

If your children want to ask Santa or the Magi for a smart watch, it is best to take their safety into account. Although smart watches allow parents to geolocate their children, a study reveals that they can put the safety and privacy of infants at risk. Read More

Accidents according to age and autonomy

From birth to 5 years of age, children need absolute protection; thereafter, parents or guardians should teach the children to take care of themselves. In the opinion of the National Center for the Prevention of Accidents (CENAPRA), falls are one of the main causes of unintentional injuries in children. In fact, even if it is a baby, never leave it alone in a bed or on any surface because it can roll and fall; Put protectors on the crib and check that the child's head does not fit between the bars. Read More

Feeding children on vacation

It is known by many that food plays a very important role in children, as they contribute to healthy growth and development, however once the children go on vacation, good nutrition and nutrition also go on vacation. During this time, children and even dads commonly modify the daily routine, altering all the timetables, from the time to get up, to the time to sleep, including feeding time and also the type of physical exercises performed. For this it is very important that parents try certain actions not to suffer the consequences of a sudden change of habits and not affect the feeding of their children in rest time: Have snacks or healthy sn Read More

Warning for child accidents during the holidays

Child accidents are not the product of bad luck. The World Health Organization and various international pediatric and family medicine societies point out that accidents in childhood should not be considered as events that occur by chance, but due to carelessness or negligence of parents, caregivers or guardians responsible for ensuring the health and well-being of the little ones. Read More

Love determines child development

To raise healthy children emotionally, to feel loved and safe in today's world, we undoubtedly need new tools that allow us to achieve it, in the best possible way, for the Read More

Bipolarity in childhood

Does your child experience intense changes in his mood and behavior? Do you sometimes get too excited or foolish? Do you sometimes get very sad? These and other questions are developed by the National Institute of Mental Health in the United States (NIMH) to diagnose whether a child or adolescent has bipolar disorder. Read More

Bullying tries to be eradicated with school campaign

The Ministry of Education started a program to eradicate bullying in schools, called "Schools without violence". Jaqueline Pardo, director of Initial and Basic Education of the local Ministry of Education said: "We aim to visit 400 elementary schools throughout the school year with prevention programs and deactivation of bullying." Read More

Aesthetic surgeries in children are increasing

Samantha Shaw, an elementary school girl underwent plastic surgery to improve the appearance of her ears and stop suffering the bullying she was a victim of every day at her school, reported the American program "Good Morning America." The number of children and adolescents who decide to go through aesthetic operations has increased by 30% in recent years, largely as a result of the verbal and psychological abuse they experience in school. Samantha's mother said during the television program that the offensive comments came not only from children, but also from adults, and that she had decided to confirm the surgery for preventive reasons, to Read More