Habits damage your skin!

Your habits may be the culprits of premature aging. Know which are those that favor the development of free radicals, guilty of premature aging. Do you want to prevent premature aging? We give you some options. Read More

Keys vs sinusitis

Usually the symptoms of sinusitis are removed between two or three days. Medications help reduce the symptoms of sinusitis, such as face pain or congestion. Vaporizations are one of the home remedies that alleviate some symptoms of sinusitis. Read More

5 factors that cause abdominal fat

There are several factors that cause the accumulation of abdominal fat. Among the modifiable factors that cause abdominal fat, is the consumption of fructose and smoking. Meanwhile, among the factors that can hardly be modified and that cause abdominal fat, is menopause. Read More

What you did not know ...

Low levels of testosterone mark the beginning of andropause in men; However, andropause in men may also be related to the decrease in estrogen. Andropause can affect the quality of life of men, which is why replacement therapy or testosterone replacement is important. Read More

Timely review

Allergies are one of the consequences of taking expired medications. Consider the consequences of taking expired medications against your health. What are the consequences of taking expired medications? Read More

Edible expired foods

Expired foods can still be edible according to what their labels indicate. More than 40% of the food is thrown away because the food is out of date. The yogurt, sausages and legumes are foods that even expired can be consumed. Read More

For all evil, mezcal

Drinking mezcal can be beneficial for your health because it helps you reduce cholesterol, burn fat and have stronger bones. If you want to enjoy multiple benefits to your health, you should drink mezcal, as recommended by specialists. If you have insomnia or high cholesterol, drinking mezcal can help you with your problems. Read More

Reasons to leave them

The use of tampons can generate various physical complications, know them and inform yourself in time. If you leave aside the use of tampons you can have great benefits in your intimate health, here we tell you what they are. Discover the damage your tampons can cause to your body. Read More

1. Wrinkles on the breasts

The reactions of the body at the climax vary from person to person. In the climax the body presents reactions like the acceleration of the pulse. What are the reactions of the body at the climax? Read More


How to prevent skin cancer? According to Mayo Clinic, preventing skin cancer is possible. Learn how to prevent skin cancer with 4 actions. Read More

You need vitamins if ...

The body is wise and sends signals that something is not right or is deficient in something, but how do you know if you need vitamins? Here we tell you. Having various discomforts are signs of how to know if you need vitamins. Taking care of yourself from the inside is basic, so here we give you some tips so you know how to know if you need vitamins. Read More

5 causes of a boring relationship

Know the main causes of a boring relationship. The routine and monotony are major factors that lead to a boring relationship, but also, the lack of motivation, communication and guilt, as part of living together as a couple, lead to a boring relationship. And you, bored your partner? Read More

A different lifestyle?

Discover in what moments are not good to go on a diet. Mexico suffers a problem of obesity and overweight, among its adult and child population, but there are moments that are not good for dieting. Does not the diet work? It may not be time to make a change in your diet. Read More

5 tips to see you more beautiful

We women like to look good. This is a fact. Although for this we have no choice but to go to the beauty salon every so often; buy expensive and numerous products, etc. The problem is that all this requires a good economic investment, but what happens if we are at the end of the month or simply do not have money? Read More

1. Deodorant

Learn about the indispensable tools for male personal grooming. Having an adequate male personal arrangement helps achieve success in life. What tools are needed for male grooming? Read More

Types and causes of hiccups

Its scientific name is singulto, but it is more known as hipo. It is an involuntary (spasm) and repetitive movement of the diaphragm, the muscle found at the base of the lungs; In addition, it is followed by a rapid closure of the vocal cords, which produces its characteristic sound. Read More