10 benefits of swimming

One of the most complete exercises to work your mind and body is swimming; keeps you in shape, strengthens your muscles and your memory, so it is recommended that you practice at any age.

1. Your quality of life improves. Swimming allows you to delay the stage of aging; your motor capacity increases, as does your memory, since greater concentration and coordination is required.

2. It makes you more alert, with more balance and that you have a more efficient and quick complex reaction time; the wounds take less time to heal.

3. You burn more number of calories. In the water your muscles work five to six times more than on dry land.

Swimming increases your muscle mass and tones you up; Lengthen your muscles and improve your silhouette. One hour of this exercise allows you to burn up to 600 calories.


More benefits of swimming

5. Your body becomes more resistant, since swimming increases the thickness of your bones.

6. Your body acquires greater mobility and elasticity. Swimming allows you to exercise your joints, increases your flexibility and range of motion.

7. It favors the activity of the cardiorespiratory system.

8. It increases the flexibility of the spine and eliminates pain.

9. Improve your circulation. When you swim, you give a massage to each organ of your body, the blood is activated and you feel better.

10. Swimming relaxes not only the muscles of the body, but also your mind, so your stress decreases considerably.

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