5 recommendations to enjoy your old age

Coexistence with family or friends is important to feel good, but the main relationship we must promote is that we have with ourselves. In each stage or cycle of life it is fundamental that we love each other and feel happy. Therefore, the expert on issues of old age, Solano Berrio, published a journalistic document in Medellin, Colombia on the importance of enjoying the third age. Chek out! Read More

5 reasons to maintain vitality

Staying active is vital for the process of old age to be carried out in a relaxed, calm and happy way. For this reason, we give you five reasons for you to attend a course, which there are both public and private, so that you learn and your self-esteem improves. Generally seniors, take courses in ceramics, swimming, literary creation or yoga, as it feels good, because they are quiet activities that allows them to develop their memory and feel better. Read More

9 exercises against brain aging

Preventive medicine and health care do not always require extreme economic resources, for example: The Health Care Guide for Older Adults issued by the IMSS includes a series of resources to prevent brain aging that can be perform on a daily basis. Recommends that older adults perform them as long and as often as possible. 1) Pay full attention to what you do: strive to maintain attention. Read More

Older adults who go shopping live longer

Many people believe, wrongly, that the fact of reaching the old age means that life has to be completely sedentary and that extreme care must be taken, with the intention of living the last years in calm and tranquility. Nothing is further from reality. An example of this is a study that reveals that shopping extends life if one is over 65 years old. Read More

Positive attitude, vital to stay young

Aging is probably a nightmare for most people. Because of the way in which "older people" are portrayed lately, it is thought that living with wrinkles and gray hair is something worse than death. Situation that is an error. Read More

4 vital exercises for older adults

The National Institute on Aging of the United States (NIA) asserts that aging does not mean losing the strength or ability to perform daily tasks or activities related to pleasure. Read More

Wrinkles can help prevent fractures in women

We have always seen wrinkles as synonymous with experience and, in some cases, with wisdom. But now we know one more fact about them: a study carried out in the School of Medicine of the University of Yale, in the United States, concluded that the severity and distribution of wrinkles in the skin are a sign of the fragility of the bones of a woman and the risk of fractures. According to the researchers, "wrinkles and the overall quality of the skin can tell the story of bone mineral density in women in the early stages of menopause." As scientists explain, the skin and bones of the human being are built with the same materials: proteins. The Read More

Clubs of the third age to learn and have fun

When reaching the third age, you have greater freedom to perform or practice activities that were set aside for work, but the fact of having more time does not mean that we feel bored. On the contrary, it is time to continue learning and feel productive. According to the Inapam, in Mexico there are more than 5 thousand 500 clubs of the third age in all the country. In them, activities that strengthen the independence, decision-making capacity, personal and community development of older adults are carried out. Take note! Read More

How to recover youth

The good thing about aging is the fact that although it is inevitable, it is something that we can control. Although we can not stop the passage of time, if we can slow or accelerate depending on the decisions we make. What we do with our bodies and what we do with our lives will influence the aging process. A person who feeds well, who exercises frequently and thinks positively, will probably have fewer wrinkles than a person who does not. Read More

Walking strengthens the brain against Alzheimer's

For the elderly, walking 10 km a week benefits the brain, improves cognitive ability and delays memory loss. The above was the conclusion of the most extensive study that has been done on the impact of physical activity and mental deterioration associated with Alzheimer's. Read More

Living with older adults, improves life expectancy

Undoubtedly, the state of mind is determinant in the quality of life of every human being. In the third age, this is reinforced more, since when an older adult spends more time with his family, he feels better, laughs more and his defenses are strengthened. Here we present some advantages that coexistence and social relationships generate in people of the third age: 1.- It increases their self-esteem. 2.- It feels more useful and productive. 3.- They enjoy their old age. Read More

Enjoy the old age

Fun in any life cycle is essential to live well and more in the stage of old age, where it requires more support and joy. For this reason, we give you the following recommendations, so you can enjoy every moment. 1.- Tell the people that you love her; This will make you and the people who are with you happy. 2. Go to the movies, eat popcorn and be happy. 3.- One day choose what you want to eat and forget only for a few hours to take a healthy diet or the diet recommended by the doctor. Read More

Piano music supports exercises to improve balance

Using piano music in exercise programs for older adults could improve their balance, the way they walk and reduce falls according to a study by University Hospitals and the Faculty of Medicine in Geneva, Switzerland, which was published in the journal "Archives of Internal Medicine". Read More

Transcendental meditation decreases infarction probabilities

Those who suffer from heart disease and practice transcendental meditation are almost 50% less likely to suffer a heart attack, compared to those who do not meditate and are in the same circumstances, according to a study by researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin, in the United States. United and published in the Archives of Internal Medicine Read More

Mexicans create artificial cells for the immune system

The main function of the immune system is to protect the body from infections, which can be caused by a large number of pathogens. At the same time, the immune system must be able to avoid generating responses directed against the body's own components. Read More

Anti-aging health for beginners

Do you want to live a long and healthy life, while successfully preventing aging? Before undertaking any regime to combat age, you should review your expectations. In the first place, aging is a natural process and the obsession to fight it is not good. However, it is absolutely important and beneficial to try to stay healthy. Health preserves youth and ensures that it will not age prematurely. Read More

University of the Third Age, promotes the activity

One of the most important mechanisms for the elderly person to feel happy, happy and full is to have a good atmosphere in their personal relationships, therefore, there are various alternatives for these women and men to live and continue to develop their knowledge and skills. Read More