10 reasons to exercise

If what you want are effective arguments to start moving, see and feel better, here we give you 10 advantages of exercising. If you practice it at least three times a week, in a period of not less than 30 minutes, you will notice the difference.

1. Eliminate stress and anxiety . Exercise, being a natural tranquilizer, reduces tensions.

2. Increase self-esteem . By seeing how your body, skin and sense of humor improve, since you release many hormones and toxins, you will feel better about yourself.

3. Speed ​​up your metabolism . Exercise not only burns calories, it also helps you build muscle and speeds up your metabolism, helping you lose weight.

4. Improve your sex life . It fills you with energy, strength and flexibility.

5. Increase your quality of life . Exercise helps you maintain good health. It keeps your heart strong and helps you prevent osteoporosis.


More benefits ...

6. Reduces the possibility of having diabetes . When you exercise, you burn not only fats, but also sugar. Therefore, when performing a sport the risks of developing diabetes decrease.

7. Rejuvenates . The muscles and the heart weaken with the years, but when we exercise we strengthen and the aging process is delayed.

8. Decrease the risk of getting cancer . Women who do not exercise increase the risk of malignant tumors of the reproductive system and breast cancer.

9. Increase your mental capacity . Scientific research shows that reactions, concentration and memory improve when a person is active.

10. Your sense of humor increases . If you are sad or depressed, try exercising for about three weeks. You'll feel better.

Video Medicine: The Health Benefits of Exercise (June 2021).