Leave the past and continue

If your week has been difficult, we present some tips to overcome it. A week can be difficult because of work or family, but these tips will make you feel better. What are some tips to overcome a difficult week? Read More

Landscapes that alter life

Do you want to know how autumn changes your habits? Autumn has the ability to change your habits thanks to its climate characteristics. Believe it or not, the seasons, including autumn, are capable of changing your habits. Read More

The day becomes eternal!

Mental fatigue can negatively influence your decisions. How to know if you suffer from fatigue or mental fatigue? Fatigue or mental fatigue can prevent you from doing activities that benefit your health. Read More

1. Reduce stress

We tell you why see the Super Bowl. Prepare delicious snacks and enjoy watching the Super Bowl. Why watch the Super Bowl? Read More

Create a perfect Christmas

Discover some advantages of spending unmarried Christmas. Do not suffer or be sad, there are advantages you can get by spending Christmas alone. Pass the single Christmas and re-discover your essence. Read More

Stop punishing yourself

Before the arrival of the New Year many people worry about asking for love, travel or money, but ... where is the purpose of having good mental health? To have a good mental health, we give you these recommendations so that you put them into practice. Learn how to have good mental health with these tips we give you at GetQoralHealth. Read More

10 things that improve your day

You wonder how you can be happier, it's easy, we give you 10 actions that will help you improve your day. With these actions that will improve your day you will end your day happier. Put these tips into practice to improve your day, smile and you will be happier. Read More

To water

Recycling plastic bottles is very good for the conservation of the environment. Learn how to take advantage of recycling plastic bottles with these tips. Discover 8 fabulous ways to recycle plastic bottles. Read More

Sucker Punch

How do you act before a disappointment. Courage is a way of how you act in the face of disappointment. Frustration is a sign of how you act in the face of disappointment. Read More

Vehicle contamination could generate heart attacks

The smoke generated by cars from the combustion of petroleum products increases pollution levels and as a result can accelerate the occurrence of heart attacks or trigger diseases such as allergies, says a study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). Read More

Family exchange

If you hate Christmas exchanges because they never give you what you like or because you get the person you least wanted, this information should not be lost. If you hate Christmas exchanges we give you survival tips so you can be victorious. The holiday season is approaching and with it the events, but if you hate the Christmas exchanges, we give you these suggestions so you know how to face them. Read More

Computer detects human pain

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and its benefits surprise more than one person. US researchers say that a computer can detect pain in the human body by using learning software to classify the data generated by brain scans. Read More

To always take into account:

The risks of having a Christmas tree at home not only take care of a short circuit, they also include the insects that come in it. The risks of having a Christmas tree now involve insect pests. Discover how to get rid of them here. Buying a natural Christmas tree can contain insects, these can represent some risks of having a Christmas tree. Read More

Discover 4 tips against anger

This September 21 is the International Day of Peace. The General Assembly of the United Nations has declared it as a day dedicated to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all peoples and nations. In this way, a common date is offered to all the nations of the world to organize events and undertake activities that highlight the importance of peace and democracy in a useful and realistic way, and for this the community in general is invited to Wear a white garment. In order to achieve this, it is very important to first reach our inner peace, clarify our mind and free it from what bothers us, threaten and hurt us, and avoid Read More

Facial scanner against lies

The liar is one who intends to deceive another person, knowing the truth and has the choice to say it or not. There are selfish and pious lies. Selfish lies They allow us to give a good image of oneself or to protect the image in the eyes of others or of others: we exaggerate our qualities a bit and we are careful to mask our faults Help to obtain a benefit, a job, to sell someone any thing you do not really need Avoid a punishment (for a child); a conflict or a break (for an adult) The pious lies We lie so as not to provoke someone's sorrow or please him. It avoids, for example, telling what you think of a person, his hairstyle or his clothi Read More

Goodbye to conflicts with the mother-in-law!

How to get along better with the mother-in-law? Science explains how the menopause stage can avoid genetic competition and get along better with the mother-in-law. To get along better with the mother-in-law, you must share. Read More

How does the brain process music?

Researchers from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China have been able to compose a melody based on brain activity. Both the brain activity of a 31-year-old woman and a 14-year-old adolescent could be translated into a musical score. Read More