1. Falls

Know some of the most common accidents in pregnancy and how to prevent them. The most common accidents in pregnancy can be prevented. What are the most common accidents in pregnancy? Read More

1. Salty cookies

Pregnancy can cause certain discomforts such as pain in the breast and back, swelling, fatigue, among others; But without a doubt, one of the most stormy for most women are nausea. According to Mayo Clinic specialists, during pregnancy, human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HGC) levels increase, which is related to nausea and vomiting. Read More

Keys to a happy pregnancy

What is the treatment to achieve a pregnancy. What treatment is recommended to achieve a pregnancy. 8 food treatments to achieve a pregnancy. Read More

Babies are the reflection of your diet

Feeding during pregnancy is more important than the genetic inheritance of being overweight. Because in the amniotic fluid and breast milk have been detected flavors such as mint, vanilla, coca-cola and many others. The pregnant woman, through her diet, teaches her son what to eat. Two months before birth, your baby can already smell and taste. Read More

How to protect yourself from viral respiratory infections during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women's immune systems weaken, making them more vulnerable to viral respiratory infections such as flu, cough, chicken pox, rubella; among other. And although these types of infections do not cause major complications in non-pregnant women, during pregnancy they pose a threat to the baby, since they can trigger a miscarriage or birth defects. Read More

Is it possible to become a mother if you have cancer?

The story of Elizaveta Bulokhova shows that it is becoming a mother and having cancer. The unexpected arrival of Valentín changed the life to Elizaveta, who showed that it is possible to become a mother and have cancer. Surgery and recovery did not stop the human desire of Elizaveta, who showed that it is possible to become a mother and have cancer. Read More

Inheritances that weigh

Know the risks of smoking in pregnancy. Smoking in pregnancy carries the risk of premature delivery. What are the risks of smoking in pregnancy? Read More

Hilary Duff is pregnant

Singer and actress Hilary Duff announced that she is expecting her first child, as a result of her marriage to hockey player Mike Comrie. Through his official website, Duff, 23, said he is going through the best moment of his life: "We want to share the exciting news that we will soon be three, we are very happy and ready to start this new chapter of our lives." Read More

Jennifer Garner is pregnant for the third time

Ben Affleck and his partner Jennifer Garner, both 39, are happy about the arrival of their third child. The information published in Huffingtonpost, reveals that both actors are "delighted" with this news. The couple has two daughters, Violet, 5 years old and Seraphina Elizabeth, 2 years old. However, the couple does not want to give more details about the arrival of their third baby, but people close to them say that their dream is to have a big family. Read More

Do calories influence your child's sex?

For many parents the sex of the baby does not influence anything, simply waiting for their arrival with hopes and desires to arrive healthy. However, for others, the gender they possess is important, whether for a cultural, family or simple preference. The sex of the baby is usually determined at the moment of conception: if the fertilizing sperm is X it will be a girl, if it is Y it will be a boy. Read More

Maternal deaths in Mexico decreased in 2010

During 2010, 49.8 maternal deaths per 100,000 births were recorded in Mexico, a figure that is expected to be gradually reduced in the next few years, according to the Secretary of Health, José Ángeles Córdova Villalobos, in an event to take the Observatory's protest Citizen of Maternal Mortality of Nuevo Leon. The official warned that to reach the goal committed by Mexico of 22.5 deaths per thousand live births, it is necessary to accelerate the pace, to avoid on average seven deaths per year in the next three years. The secretary acknowledged that maternal mortality is an example that in our country there are still gaps and differences, bec Read More

A long process

Contracted type 2 diabetes is a risk that is suffered after pregnancy. After a pregnancy not taken care of, there is an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Post-pregnancy obesity promotes type 2 diabetes. Read More

Key prenatal health tests

It is the duty of expectant mothers to periodically attend prenatal consultations to ensure that the baby's development is correct and the woman's health is under control. From the first consultation the doctor will request routine urine and blood tests; the first one asks for each visit that is made to the doctor, while the second one is done at least a second time during the pregnancy. Read More

Risks in pregnancy ...

What am I going to do, my parents are not going to forgive me, I do not want it ... Thinking about being a mother when you are 12 years old or maybe 16 years old is not easy; especially for the risks, physical changes and everything that can lead to a pregnancy in adolescence ... A pregnant adolescent is 4 times more likely to get sick during the gestation period ... Read More

Get pregnant online

When I arrived at my office I started to answer my patients' questions when I found a surprise. After writing me 120 questions in the last 5 months, a patient achieved her goal: to become pregnant. She used the pseudonym Desperate, to have more privacy. Read More