9 exercises against brain aging

Preventive medicine and watch out of health do not always require extreme economic resources, for example: The Guide to the Health Care of people older adults issued by the IMSS, includes a series of resources to prevent cerebral aging that can be done on a daily basis.

Recommends that older adults perform them as long and as often as possible.

1) Pay full attention to what you do: strive to maintain attention.

2) A good strategy is to repeat what you hear out loud.

3) Look for details intentionally in their daily actions.

4) When you want to retain something, you will have to make an effort to associate it with an important image for the elderly person.

5) When going for a walk, the older adult can think of alternative routes to reach the same places.

6) Solve the hobbies of magazines and newspapers.

7) Try to learn new things. This includes things related to appliances and technology.

8) Imagine the conclusion of a problem or a future situation and then check what happened and know if it has been successful or not.

9) Analyze the news of the newspaper. What is the most interesting? Do you agree? What else could be done? Etc ...

Video Medicine: The brain-changing benefits of exercise | Wendy Suzuki (February 2024).