Use the positive side!

Did you know that your eyelids reveal things about you that you would not imagine? Many times we think that the eyelids fall due to age. Effectively, the skin loses its muscle tone due to factors such as diet or the sun, but there are very young people with this characteristic who should not have that flaccidity in the area.

In facial communication, the fact that the eyelid that does not move, falls on the one that does bore it lightly, it has a meaning that invites us to take measures in this regard at the moment of living day to day.


Use the positive side!

The eyelid fallen corresponds to a self-demanding and perfectionist person. It is very likely that the person lived under very strict rules or very high standards to comply and that has led to become like this.

If we see it coldly, of course it has its advantages; but you have to consider that all the factions of the face They will have their positive and negative side.

The negative part that is linked to this faction is the requirement with other people and in very extreme cases materializes with the little ability to enjoy things because they are not perfect or as I had visualized them.

On the positive side, he will always seek continuous improvement, he will want to improve himself every day more and in himself he will be in an eternal experiential search for his own definition of perfection.

If you are a person with an eyelid like that, I invite you to reflect on how you are exercising that self-demand. Positive? or in negative? How do you transfer it with your son? How do you take it with other people around you? How do you take it with yourself?

Therefore, here are some tips that will help you "get juice" to that drooping eyelid:

1. Be more tolerant with others. Remember that each person has a way of seeing life and all those visions are equally valid.

2. If you want others to achieve certain results, set them in a clear way. Remember that they have to be reachable!

3. Do not be so demanding with you! We are the worst judges with ourselves. If you are going to evaluate yourself, do it with love.

4. Enjoy! , although sometimes things do not go according to your expectations.

You have the eyelids fallen? Tell us your stories to help us improve! Thanks for sharing!

Video Medicine: Brené Brown Use the Positive Side of Fear | #OWNSHOW | Oprah Online (November 2022).