Anti-aging health for beginners

Do you want to live a long and healthy life, while successfully preventing aging? Before undertaking any regime to combat age, you should review your expectations.

First, the aging it's a natural process and the obsession to fight it is not good. However, it is absolutely important and beneficial to try to stay healthy. Health retains youth and ensures that it will not age prematurely.

The routine to combat aging should be applied in a constant Y responsable . To think that he is going to solve it miraculously and instantaneously with a pill or any panacea is a mistake. The Health and the wellness They are achieved with a balance between the components of your life, which are: mental, physical and emotional health.


  • Healthy body

Physical health is achieved with the nutrition adequate and the exercise constant. Keeping the body healthy ensures that its functioning will not be interrupted. The disruption of this balance and the diseases cause damage to cells and his accumulation is what causes aging.


Mind and feelings


  • Healthy mind

As we age, we lose neurons that are irreplaceable, in fact, at an advanced age, the damage to the brain begins to manifest itself in the form of dementia . It is a reality that throughout our lives, we will naturally lose neurons, but there are certain factors that accelerate this loss and affect the mental faculties . In addition to stimulating our mind and trying to continue learning, nutrition Ademada and the exercise physical are essential to maintain the health of our mind.


  • Healthy feelings

Our emotions are really the result of chemical reactions of our body. There are certain substances and hormones that are released depending on the stimuli we experience. These can send signals to the brain that dictate our emotions. This is the reason why it is important to combine our mental and physical health. A good balance between both ensures our well-being. If we can not control our emotions and succumb to stress, it will alter our health. The stress It charges the body if we leave it and can provoke irrational behavior.

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