What you should know before starting a marathon

Ready to run a full marathon and not die trying? Besides being one of the most complete physical activities, it is also an action that tests the limits of your body and mind.

During a strenuous exercise like running, the human body consumes most of the energy it needs in the form of carbohydrates, instead of occupying fat stores. Basically glycogen is stored in the liver and leg muscles.

When the available sugar runs out, the body goes into a state of fatigue, according to the expert Benjamin Rapoport, from Harvard University ; But how can you control this effect and reach the goal?

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What you should know before starting a marathon

For Germán Silva, who won the New York Marathon in 1994 and 1999 and He occupied the sixth place in the 10,000 meter flat test at the Olympic Games, running a marathon is not easy, but there is not much difference between those who train to win it or just run to finish it. You always have to strengthen five elements during your preparation:

1. Mental training Always try to maintain a positive attitude.

2. Cardiovascular resistance

3. Muscular strength.

4.  Speed.

5. Recovery.

Something you must take into account, and not forgetting is to check the route and altimetry of the marathon you are going to run. This with the aim of learning each rise and fall to know what you can face.

If you are one of those who have decided to change your life and will participate in the Marathon of the City of Mexico on August 25, we indicate that the Sports Institute, through a statement, reported that the route was modified. The race will start at Juarez Avenue, just in front of the Hemicycle to Juarez and not on the street 20 de Noviembre as agreed. Now that you know. To enjoy!

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