Videogames provoke addiction

Video games are a means of entertainment for children and young people; however, its continuous and exaggerated use can cause addiction and generate problems of mental health as the depression , anxiety , social phobias and low school performance, highlights a study of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

The research, published by the magazine Pediatrics , demonstrates the existence of risk factors that can turn minors into problem players and cause states of suffering.

The psychologist Douglas A. Gentile and researchers from the universities of Iowa, Singapore and Hong Kong , evaluated the pathological behavior in three thousand 34 children, through the weekly amount of use of video games. The results showed that 9% of young people fall into a mentally damaging game, because minors who played longer had lower social competence and greater aggression.

On the other hand, an investigation of the Yale University School of Medicine found that young video game enthusiasts put their health at risk, and can cause vices such as smoking and consumption of drug .

Some pros of video games

When people use this type of device responsibly and with measure, the capacity of concentration , improve the view by 20% and helps burn up to 300 calories in a session.

In addition, playing as a team improves the creativity , the language and the mathematical ability of people. It can also serve as therapy for sick, injured or troubled children attention deficit .

Teach your children to use videogames correctly and with a prudent time!

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