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A relief for the body

Looking for exercises for childbirth? Yoga can be the best exercise to help the birth process. Yoga is one of the exercises that promotes the opening of the hip for a simpler and more comfortable delivery. Read More

10 celebrities who love yoga

Yoga is one of the oldest practices in the world; In the last decade it has become a fashion among the population, especially among celebrities. This discipline harmonizes the body, mind and emotions, thanks to the combination of various actions such as meditation, breathing and postures or asanas. It is ideal to combat stress and keep positive thoughts, so if you want to achieve absolute well-being, follow the example of these artists: Lady Gaga: The singer has her own yoga teacher, who gives the necessary instructions to generate positive thoughts and compassionate Jon Bon Jovi: He describes himself as a man of the 21st century, so he makes Read More

10 tips for yoga classes

If you have never taken yoga classes and it seems impossible to perform the different positions that are practiced, do not worry, even the most faithful follower of this discipline had to make various efforts to enjoy the benefits. Therefore, GetQoralHealth gives you 10 tips to prepare for your first session: 1.- Buy your yoga mat: Most places where this discipline is practiced lend the mats; However, it is not necessary that you acquire yours, so that you relax to your liking. 2.- Be silent: When you enter the room where yoga is practiced, avoid making any kind of noise, because people will be meditating. Always wait for the teacher's instru Read More

10 benefits of yoga

Yoga works the body-emotion-mind-being union, because it works with the Chakras, which are energy centers that are located in certain parts of the body. This discipline offers many benefits for the human being, regardless of age and physical condition, such as the following: Read More

Say goodbye to flaccidity!

Know the best yoga postures to eliminate flaccidity. These yoga postures to eliminate flaccidity can be done step by step. Use yoga to your advantage and eliminate the flaccidity of your legs. Read More

Practice it and notice the difference!

Know the best positions to improve your sex life and enjoy your sexuality to the fullest. With yoga to improve your sex life you will surprise your partner. Put into practice the following yoga postures to improve your sex life and enjoy it to the fullest. Read More

10 best yoga postures for women

The best yoga postures for women are those that give them balance. In addition, these yoga postures allow you to strengthen your hip, waist, chest, back and belly. The posture of the cat, the cow and the boat are ideal yoga postures for women. Read More

10 reasons to practice therapeutic yoga

Yoga aims to improve the alignment of the body. Although the asanas (postures) are the same, there is a branch of this discipline, which focuses on people having a healthier body. This is the purpose of therapeutic yoga. Read More

11 facial yoga exercises

Rejuvenate your face with a facial yoga routine. We present you with facial yoga exercises to avoid wrinkles and fine lines. Recover the beauty of your face through facial yoga. Read More

What can you find?

The yoga dealer Michael Gannon will be part of the National Adidas Yoga Meeting, which in its eighth edition presents the Mexican Institute of Yoga (IMY). The purpose is that people join this millennial discipline and take classes with the most recognized experts worldwide. Read More

Inculcate this habit!

The practice of yoga is not exclusive for adults, this discipline has benefits for children that will surprise you. Discover some benefits of yoga for your child's health. Yoga has several benefits for a child's health. Read More

Internal peace that makes you look beautiful ...

Discover how you can burn calories with yoga, more than if you run. What burns more calories, do yoga or run? Does yoga burn more calories than running? Here we present the amount of calories you burn when performing different types of yoga. Read More

3 tips to reduce your waist

According to the book Women's Heatlh Diet, which will be released in the United States in the coming weeks, there are plenty of tips for a healthy, beautiful and slender body. We give you an advance to achieve a smaller waist. Take note: 1. Eat early. If you skip breakfast, your metabolism slows down. Health experts recommend that 30 to 35% of your daily calories be in the morning Read More

4 asanas that improve your health

The benefits of practicing yoga steadily increase. Proof of this is that it is now proven to reduce headaches and optimize your sleep quality. The information published on the Health.com portal, points out 4 benefits of this discipline; know them: Decreases headache. Various investigations show that a simple headache or muscle, reduces with some yoga postures, as your joints are lubricated and your muscles de-stress. One of them is to sit in a lotus position and relax your arms and head. Improve sex According to the Journal of Sexual Medicinestudy, performing various positions like the cobra, allows you to exercise several pelvic movements, w Read More

No pain and stronger

We share these fantastic yoga postures for your back. If you feel pain, practice these yoga postures for the back. When you want to strengthen your spine you can implement these yoga postures for the back. Read More

5 basic accessories for Pilates

This practice relaxes you and strengthens your body and mind. Beyond burning calories and toning your body, pilates gives relaxation to your bones, joints and spine. However, certain elements are required for your practice to be satisfactory. Therefore, here we present what you should not miss: Read More