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10 forms vs cholesterol

More than 100 million people in the world have high cholesterol (above 200 mg / dL), which clogs the arteries causing heart attacks and cerebrovascular accidents. Read More

Transform your body

We can lose weight quickly certain parts of the body, but when it comes to lowering that little belly that does not let us wear the clothes as we would like, then it is best to resort to these tips to reduce the abdomen. Follow these tips to reduce the abdomen in a short time. Read More

Mentalize and do it!

Know the strategies to be a good leader and take advantage of them daily. Some women have shown to be good leaders in their field, because they apply effective strategies around them. What are the strategies to be a good leader? Read More

10 tricks to lose weight without diet

All people, especially women, look for alternatives to lose weight, such as changing their diet, but often renounce them because of the commitment that is needed to carry them out. Therefore, here we bring you 10 tricks to lose weight without diet and without effort. According to information published by CNN, with these tips you will improve your image, you will dismiss the extra kilos without diet and you will not spend extra hours in the gym: 1.- Buy blue crockery: This color helps control hunger and reduce anxiety, so you will avoid excessive food intake. Totally avoid the red dishes, because this tone stimulates the appetite. 2 .- Avoid l Read More

Plethysmography checks BMI error

Learn to correctly calculate your body mass. Scientists discover error in formula to measure body mass. They launch new formula to measure the percentage of body mass. Read More

3 keys to avoid bouncing

Most people wonder why it is so hard to lose weight and why it is so easy to get it back again. The famous rebound, according to the University of California is due to various issues: age, lifestyle, physical activity and habits. Read More

30% of patients with surgery vs obesity gain weight

A little more than 30% of people who undergo surgery to reverse obesity, gain weight again in a period of about 5 years, revealed the doctor Jesús Montoya Ramírez, head of the Center for Multidisciplinary Management of Obesity Center National Medical November 20 of the ISSSTE. Read More

Allies for your health!

There are citrus foods that can help you lose weight. Burn fat and accelerate your metabolism through the consumption of some citrus fruits. Among the foods that can help you lose weight are citrus fruits. Read More

4 tips to eliminate stretch marks

My patient Marce Vilora went through the physical and psychological transformation to lose 40 kilos. Today she keeps in her abdomen, small streaks that remind her that she is a winner. They are like the wounds of war that the soldier takes proud to return home. Read More

5 sports attire

The choice of outfits to perform some type of sport is of vital importance, because they will give you the support you need and you will get a better performance. There are many brands that have sports designs made with the latest technology that provide comfort and safety. Read More

5 keys to not break your food plan

Carrying a food plan should not be synonymous with sacrifice, the secret lies in knowing how to combine food and eat responsibly. It is true that certain habits must be modified to improve your health and your appearance. To avoid the temptations, and to maintain an enviable figure this see us, the blog Deganadores.com gives you five keys not to break your diet: Read More

5 tips not to take refuge in food

Eating is a fundamental part of life, but always with absolute control. According to research from the University of Michigan, feelings and emotions influence to eat without control and in excess, which results in weight gain. So this does not happen to you, follow these tips. Read More

5 tips to improve your eating habits

Having good eating habits does not just mean eating a balanced diet. The important thing is that you are aware that through good nutrition practices, all the organs of our body work efficiently, we have more energy throughout the day; physically we look better, we can prevent and avoid countless diseases. In addition to including foods of the 4 groups: cereals and tubers, fruits and vegetables, animal products, fats and sugars, it is very important to record in our mind other good habits that will provide various benefits, such as: 1. Chewing slowly. It is very common to eat quickly, chew badly. This prevents us from enjoying the taste of the Read More

5 exercises for a healthy neck

Neck pain does not necessarily refer to any disease, on the contrary, there is a high percentage of psychosomatic origin due to stress, anxiety or unresolved problems, which produce muscle tension. Read More