10 reasons to go to the sexologist

Know the main reasons to go to the sexologist. Forget about fear and prejudice discover ten reasons to go to the sexologist, cheer up. Of every 100 couples that attend the sexologist, about 85% improve their relationship, that is one of the reasons to go to the sexologist. Read More

4 most common male sexual myths

Scientists from Marmara University, in Istanbul, belie the most common sexual myths around men. One of the most popular sexual myths is the belief that men always want to have sex. There are many sexual myths related to the virility of men. Read More

Most common reasons

As of puberty, the process of physical changes begins that turns the girl into an adult capable of sexual reproduction. This does not mean, however, that the girl is ready to be a mother. Adolescent pregnancy has become a public health problem in Mexico. To prevent adolescent pregnancy, a complete sexual education, access to contraceptive methods and support for parents of adolescents to talk with their children about sex and contraception is necessary. Learn more about teen pregnancy. Read More

What is your type of lover?

Sexual relations are part of the life of every human being. Sexual relationships allow you to know the person more intimately. Pleasure in sexual relationships can vary according to the type of lover. Read More

Pain due to intense colic is equivalent to pain due to heart attack

All at some time we have experienced a colic capable of making us cry; but there is always someone who underestimates our discomfort, accuses us of "exaggerated" and even throws us phrases like ... Are you in your days? No wonder the genius. And I could continue with a long list of annoying phrases, but, no, you are not exaggerating the pain or you have the threshold too low, but a study has just confirmed that experiencing strong cramping could be just as painful as having a heart attack. Read More

This is why your back hurts when you menstruate ...

Some of the most common effects of menstruation are colic, sudden mood swings, headaches and back pain! But, why is the latter? It is a muscle pain due to tension. Colic and swelling can put pressure on the gluteal muscles, that is, those that form the buttocks. When enough tension is generated, the muscles can suffer a spasm, causing pain in the lower back, pelvis and buttocks. Read More

How are they used?

Vaginal marine sponges are an ecological alternative for menstruation. Vaginal marine sponges are reusable and can last up to six months. Read More

Pain during sex

In addition to signs of infection, your vagina can reveal other ills that are worth detecting in time, to receive treatment and avoid complications. Pain during sex According to Mayo Clinic specialists, it could be an indicator of endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory disease. Read More

Men prefer sex in winter

The cold season makes women more attractive to men, which increases sex in winter. A recent study showed that sex increases in winter. The level of excitement in men increases during December, January and February, so it is believed that sex increases in winter. Read More

Improve your appearance and your sex life

There are different ways to lose weight, one of them is bariatric surgery that in addition to losing weight increases sexual desire in the couple. A group of women undergoing bariatric surgery increased sexual desire in their relationship. Losing weight with a bariatric surgery and doing it naturally increases sexual desire. Read More


Hormonal imbalances, typical of ovulation, make us experience sudden mood swings and see things differently, including our partner. Ovulation could cause us to make the decision to end our relationship. Read More

Pros and cons of the menstrual cup

There are more and more options that women have for "our days": sanitary napkins, tampons, vaginal sponges ... This time, we will focus on menstrual cups, an ecological option that, like the rest of the alternatives , has advantages and disadvantages that you should know. Read More

Fit and with better performance

Why do you exercise? If your answer is to be in shape, to feel good or to lose weight, perfect! If we add another advantage to these answers, surely you will not stop exercising. Read More