4 baby accessories

Every day there are more models, sizes and applications of baby accessories that flood the market; However, the first thing we should think about when purchasing them is the safety of the child and the quality of the materials with which they are manufactured. Remember that if you think you have more than one baby, the quality of the construction and materials will ensure that it has a long life. These are some of the accessories that improve the quality of life of the little ones: 1. Travel cot: For a baby of traveling parents it is essential to have a practical cradle that allows to watch the little one, without having to look over it thank Read More

Among multiple options, the best

We tell you how to choose the best bathtub for your baby. When choosing the best bathtub for your baby think about your safety and comfort. Choosing the best bathtub for your baby also implies thinking about the space where you will store it. Read More

Garment of the newborn and its accessories

In general, the birth of a baby is cause for joy for family and friends who will give gifts with the best intention, but with few ideas of what the newborn really needs. The specialists of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics have developed a proposal of what is really useful and what is optional. Read More

Motor disorders due to the use of wallets and walkers

The belief that the walker helps a child learn to walk faster is false. Recent studies from the American Academy of Pediatrics show that children who are placed in walkers take longer to achieve motor skills, in addition to being prone to serious accidents when falling down stairs. Read More

You want to know more?

How to prevent diaper rash? A new device helps you prevent diaper rash so your baby is always happy. Do not know when to change your baby's diaper or how to prevent diaper rash? A new Huggies application will help you. Read More

Carriola in case of triads twins and more

When you have more than one child per pregnancy, it is almost impossible for parents to have enough arms to carry them all the time, so the strollers acquire greater importance in use and comfort. Here are some types and suggestions: Limousine style: the little ones face each other. They are easy to handle but some have difficulty maneuvering with them in the trunks and sometimes they are heavy. Read More

Tips for buying the baby stroller

Every day there are more models, sizes and applications of strollers for the baby. When choosing it, the range is so wide that it can be difficult to decide on the one that best suits the needs of parents and the child. Also think that the stroller will be used practically every day, so it is essential to make the right choice. The following tips can be useful. Read More

Baby cribs and your choice

The birth of the baby is a great event, which requires special care and attention. Therefore, it is important to monitor all the aspects that surround the new member of the family. Read More

The dilemma in the use of the pacifier

It is common for new fathers and mothers to receive many conflicting opinions about the use of the pacifier. Some theories claim that its use is detrimental to the child's habits, his palate and teeth; On the other hand, there are those who say that it is a source of pleasure that serves as a comfort and helps them to sleep. Read More

Breast pump

This instrument is designed for mothers who can devote little time of the day to their baby, or who for some reason need to stay away from it for a long time and do not want to deprive it of the multiple benefits of breastfeeding. Read More

Do you know what to wear today?

Currently dressing well has become very important for women. Combining colors and garments can help you dress well. Dress well you can achieve through wearing the right size clothes. Read More