Enjoy the old age

Fun in any life cycle is essential to live well and more in the stage of old age, where it requires more support and joy. For this reason, we give you the following recommendations, so you can enjoy every moment.

1.- Tell the people that you love her; This will make you and the people who are with you happy.

2. Go to the movies, eat popcorn and be happy.

3.- One day choose what you want to eat and forget only for a few hours to take a healthy diet or the diet recommended by the doctor.

4.- Call a friend who has not contacted for a long time.

5.- Sleep the time you want and do not stress.

6.- Celebrate each day as if it were the last.

7.- Smile all the time. This is a magnet for people, no matter how old we are.

Video Medicine: Enjoy Your old Age (February 2024).