5 reasons to maintain vitality

Staying active is vital for the process of old age to be carried out in a relaxed, calm and happy way. For this reason, we give you five reasons for you to attend a course, which there are both public and private, so that you learn and your self-esteem improves.

Generally seniors, take courses in ceramics, swimming, literary creation or yoga, as it feels good, because they are quiet activities that allows them to develop their memory and feel better.

Vital to your health

1.- When taking a course or being part of an activity, you feel better; your self-esteem and mood increases, because you feel useful.

2.- Your memory is strengthened, because you learn something new.

3.- In the case of any physical activity such as swimming, move and strengthen your joints.

4.- You live with new people and expand your circle of friends.

5.- Being happy, you allow your defenses to be strengthened, so you will be less prone to get sick.

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