5 recommendations to enjoy your old age

Coexistence with family or friends is important to feel good, but the main relationship we must promote is that we have with ourselves.

In each stage or cycle of life it is fundamental that we love each other and feel happy. Therefore, the expert on issues of old age, Solano Berrio, published a journalistic document in Medellin, Colombia on the importance of enjoying the third age. Chek out!

1.- Enjoy the company and affection you receive; Do not think it's charity or compassion. 2.- Be happy; The fact of being an adult does not mean that he is angry or serious. 3.- Feel self-realized, to reach this age. 4.- The fact of being over 60 years old does not mean that you can not work. Do some activity that makes you feel productive. 5.- Go to the theater or the cinema; You do not have to stay at home forever.

Remember that something very important is the attitude with which we took before the events of life. Reaching old age is not bad, nor boring, nor does it create a nuisance for others. Who loves you, will do it in every moment.

Enjoy everything you live; relive your experiences and do not isolate yourself. Smiling, greatly improves your quality of life.

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