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Myths about diets

There are many mistaken beliefs about what can be achieved with a diet, like the idea that if you eat less you lose weight, and that the less you eat the thinner you will be; however, this is almost never achieved and, if so, it is most likely to gain weight again soon. According to the research published in The Lancet, the problem is that we have erroneous expectations of what a diet can achieve, due to the incorrect advice we receive. Most people start a diet with the notion that they will see results quickly. Nutritionists, both from the United States and the United Kingdom, point out that for every 500 calories that we reduce from our dai Read More

Hugh Jackman on a 6,000-calorie diet

The director Darren Aronnofsky has asked the actor to consume 6 thousand calories a day, when the normal is 2 thousand or 2 thousand 500 and to perform three hours of exercise, to be in shape for his character of Wolverine in the saga of X Men . Read More

10 tips vs overweight on vacation

With this holiday season, you will surely think that to enjoy it you will have to neglect a little your healthy habits, especially your balanced diet; However, there are some tricks you can put into practice to avoid overweight. Therefore, GetQoralHealth gives you the following tips, so you avoid excesses and enjoy your vacation fully, without the worry of increasing a few kilos: 1.- Keep a stable schedule: Even on vacation you must continue with a schedule to ingest the food. This will prevent your metabolism from feeling changes and functioning correctly. 2.- Five meals a day: With this measure you will avoid excessive consumption of food, Read More

Food habits that age you!

Discover how diet damages your beauty. How diet damages your beauty? Know the habits that make you look heavy. How diet damages your beauty, know it and avoid alterations. Read More

10 ingredients of the Mediterranean diet

When you think of diets, does the image of steamed rice and cabbage come to mind? For those of us who love good food, the very idea of ​​a diet can make us frantic, so when a diet is fun, it will almost certainly be a success. Read More

Avoid them and always think positive!

Know the ideas that do not let you lose weight and fulfill your purposes. Discover the ideas that do not let you lose weight and avoid them. Learn to overcome ideas that do not let you lose weight. Read More

10 tips to prepare healthy food

Preparing healthy food is very simple, you just have to put into practice some tips such as the exchange of some foods, to avoid the intake of saturated fats or many carbohydrates, which are what cause you to gain weight. Read More

Let's celebrate Nutriologist's Day!

With the current pace, people are in search of a better quality of life, so they try to choose the options of exercise and healthy eating that best suit their needs. Specialists in nutrition at Cedars Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, consider that a healthy diet is vital to maintain good health, a stable weight and, therefore, an excellent figure. To learn to improve your diet, give you these 10 tips: 1.- Breakfast: Never forget to eat food in the morning, because they will give you the energy to carry out your activities. You can prepare a yogurt with pieces of fresh fruit and granola. 2.- Replace the fried with the roast: Avoid fried foods or t Read More

For a laundry stomach!

If you are taking care of your figure, you should take into account that there are certain foods that you should avoid if what you are looking for is how to have a flat stomach. Learn how to have a flat stomach with our recommendations. Learn to wear an enviable figure avoiding certain foods, in GetQoralHealth we tell you how to have a flat stomach. Read More

3 juices to lose weight

The juices to lose weight are those that are freshly squeezed, so it is one of the most nutritious and complete foods that you can include in your diet, if you want Read More

This is not ... a diet

To know how to choose a health book, you must identify the sources and authors. A book made by specialists in each area will give you more accurate information. To give you an idea of ​​how to choose a book on we present 3 new publications to see you and feel better. Read More

Lose weight with online help

Instafit is an online plan to lose weight. Customize your profile in the Instafit Plan to lose weight online in just three steps. If you do not have time to make complicated diets, you can try Instafit, an effective online site whose plan to lose weight lasts only 10 weeks. Read More

3 food tips for athletes

Food for athletes is a key point that must be taken care of throughout the preparation process for a competition, as it helps the athlete to achieve their goals, improve times in a speed test, increase muscle mass or improve the condition physical to finish long distances, among others. Read More

Avoid these habits!

Know the actions that prevent you from losing weight. Did you know that you perform actions that prevent you from losing weight? Know them and improve your quality of life. Effort without results? Know the actions that prevent you from losing weight. Read More

4 keys to lose weight without dieting

The basis for losing weight is the combination of a good diet and exercise, but remember that you need to make a change of life; that is, set goals that truly serve you. Here are some tips to give you a boost to your goals and achieve weight loss: Read More