Piano music supports exercises to improve balance

Use piano music in exercise programs for the elderly could improve your balance , the way of walking and reducing falls according to a study of University Hospitals and the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva, Switzerland, which was published in the journal "Archives of Internal Medicine”.

During the research process, 134 people older than 65 years participated, with 96% of higher risk of falls. At random, the participants were divided into two groups of exercise in which music was used to complement the exercise.

The first group started immediately for 6 months and they were given 1 hour of exercise per week scheduled and led by an instructor. While the second group was delayed the variant of music.

The exercise included movements that they challenged balance control and they increased their complexity over time . The routine included walking to the rhythm of a piano melody and responding to the change of rhythm in the music.

The delayed control group participated in the music exercises after the first 6 months of the first group.

The test of balance and functionality They improved in the group that was accompanied with piano music. There were fewer falls. While the delayed intervention group experienced similar changes during the second six-month period in which they participated in the exercises with the piano music .

As a result, the exercise program and music could be useful to prevent falls and assist in the rehabilitation of older adults.

Source: EuropaPress

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