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More benefits of autumn in your sex life!

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1. Breathing

With the stimulation your partner can reach the climax. The stimulation to reach the climax involves trying new experiences. The stimulation to reach the climax is basic in women because in 62% of their encounters they do not experience it. Read More

5 keys to maintain a stronger erection

Stress, obesity, depression and economic problems are just some of the causes of sexual dysfunctions in men, such as trying to maintain an erection and for longer. However, some changes in lifestyle can be key to maintaining a stronger erection. Eating chocolate is one of the keys to maintaining a stronger erection. Know and learn about the keys to maintain a stronger erection. Read More

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5 tips to reach the climax

Until not long ago, saying ORGASM (thus, with capital letters) was tantamount to committing a sacrilege, because that was not talked about, much less in public. Fortunately those times have passed and today, freed from so much taboo and sexual complex, you can talk about sex with greater knowledge and independence. Therefore, here we offer five tips to increase pleasure with your partner. Read More

That the fun does not end

How to use hormonal contraceptive methods. Our sexologist Elsy Reyes explains how to use hormonal contraceptives. Family planning is a right that each individual has, and only he knows how to arm it in the best way, so we tell you how to use hormonal contraceptives. Read More

5 unmissable sexual encounters

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