University of the Third Age, promotes the activity

One of the most important mechanisms for the elderly person to feel happy, happy and full is to have a good atmosphere in their personal relationships, therefore, there are various alternatives for these women and men to live and continue to develop their knowledge and skills.

Proof of this is the University of the Third Age, which created the government of the Federal District, in order to contribute to active aging, where in addition to providing courses in finance, accounting, art history and computing, older adults can live with other people of the same age and expand their social relationships.

In that university, people can study diploma courses, quarterly courses in subjects such as universal history, art history, psychology, business administration, computers, languages, workshops on tmatology, nutrition, yoga, dance, brain gymnastics, among others.

In addition to this range of cultural and recreational opportunities, the University of the Third Age has various courses and activities for young people, regarding how to treat older adults.

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