4 vital exercises for older adults

The National Institute on Aging in the United States (NIA, for its acronym in English) asserts that aging does not mean losing strength or the ability to perform daily Homeworks or activities related to pleasure.

However, an inactive life can lead to the loss of strength and skills and of course, to the detriment of health. The NIA researchers have studied what are the best exercises and physical activities that a Elderly You can perform regularly and excellent results.

The habit of exercise, they say, can prevent or delay a variety of diseases and disabilities associated with aging.


What are the exercises

There are basically four:

  • Resistance activities increase heart rate and breathing. These exercises improve the health of the heart, lungs and circulatory system, and have been shown to help prevent or delay diseases.
  • Strengthening exercises make older adults get enough strength to do things they need or like.
  • Balance exercises help prevent falls; a frequent cause of disabilities.
  • Stretching exercises help keep the body strong and flexible.

It is always advisable, the NIA experts advise, that a geriatric instructor be the one to determine how much exercise is ideal for each person.

On the other hand, everyday physical activities achieve some of the same results obtained with the exercise. A recent study of the NIA confirmed these benefits in people of 80 years or more, who managed to leave their walkers for the use of a cane in only 10 weeks, after having recovered their strength by doing a routine of simple exercises.

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