10 negative effects of the diets

The word "diet "It has become very distorted, since it refers to a style and behavior of healthy life and not to follow" plans "that endanger the health of people. According to the Ellen West Foundation , the subsistence allowance often they bring physical consequences such as:


  1. Loss of muscle strength and hardening
  2. Decrease in the use of oxygen
  3. Delegated hair
  4. Loss of coordination
  5. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance
  6. Dizziness, fainting, weakness and reduced heart rate
  7. When you restrict yourself of calories, you also do it of the necessary energy for your body, therefore the functioning of your brain is also reduced
  8. The subsistence allowance they rarely work. 95% of people who make a diet regain their weight or even earn more than they already had. This occurs frequently between the first and fifth year of having done it
  9. The subsistence allowance "Yo-yo" (repetitive cycles of loss-gain of weight) bring negative effects to health, including an increased risk of heart disease, metabolic problems, etc.
  10. The subsistence allowance Force your body during periods of initiation. It responds more slowly from its normal functioning in order to conserve its energy. This means that the metabolism Your body's natural can be slowed down.

The subsistence allowance often forget to include important nutrients for the body, for example: calcium producing a huge risk to contract osteoporosis , fractures or sprains . Medical studies indicate that people who do subsistence allowance It has slower automatic responses and less ability to concentrate compared to people who do not.

All the anxiety produced by the concern of food and weight , reduces the capacity of memory . Numerous studies relate the subsistence allowance with feelings of depression , loss of self-esteem and increased tension. For more information visit: www.ellenwest.org  

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