Take note dads!

Currently some specialists warn that among the adolescent school population of the country is presenting, in a growing and worrying, the practice of bullying called bullying, which consists of physical and psychological aggression among students, which can socially exclude affected. It is a reality, bullying is practiced in educational institutions, as reflected in a study carried out by the Ministry of Education of Mexico City, where it was revealed that 77% of primary and secondary students in Mexico City assume victim, aggressor or witness of mistreatment and intimidation towards his companions. However, in some public and private schools Read More

Abused youth

We present 10 tips to know how to prevent bullying. Public and private schools in Mexico seek measures to know how to prevent bullying. There are different forms of aggression, identify how to prevent bullying. Read More

5 tips for male hygiene

1. Washing the penis, scrotum, groin and anus once a day during bathing is sufficient to keep the male genital area clean. 2. Special treatment should be given to the head of the penis, in men who are not circumcised. Gently pull the foreskin and clean the penis with soap and water, as well as the inside of the foreskin. Then rinse and replace it in its place. Retraction of the foreskin should not be forced in any way. Read More

5 tips for casual sex

Having casual relationships can be a sexual adventure. Occasional sex requires certain strategies to not stay in the attempt. You need to choose the prey, pursue it and seduce it. Occasional relationships can be very satisfying, however, you should always take into account that they are only physical. Here are 5 tips for those casual sex nights. Read More

5 truths about energy drinks

The consumption of energy drinks has increased in recent years. Such growth is due precisely to the need that people have to recover the lost energy, that illusion that the body surrenders beyond its real abilities. Read More

5 natural pigments to make tattoos

Tattoos will never go out of style. However, it is important to be careful when choosing the establishment and the professional who makes them. Before deciding you should take into account that there are temporary and permanent tattoos, which as the name implies, these last are for life. Read More

8 basic rules of piercing

"Dads: I want to wear a piercing", is the dread phrase that many adults have heard from their children. And is that every day there are more teens who want to follow the "fashion" of piercing some part of their body and put on a metal ornament. Read More

8 myths about Major Medical Insurance

Learn about the myths and realities of Major Medical Insurance. You will be surprised to know the myths and realities of Major Medical Insurance. Crafty and fraudulent insurers, among the myths and realities of Major Medical Insurance. Read More

6 causes of transient memory loss

In everyday life there are small things that are forgotten such as keys, lenses, your cell phone, etc., but why does this happen? It is a common problem, most people experience occasional moments of memory loss, this is called transient memory loss. There are many causes, and although it is not a serious problem, it can interfere with daily activities. Among the most common are the following. Read More

Psychological harassment by Cyberbullying

In the last two years, bullying has become a worrisome problem for authorities and parents; However, due to the unlimited access that minors have to the network, a new form of harassment known as cyberbullying has been developed. Read More

Internet addiction

Dependence on virtual spaces such as Facebook, Twitter, other social networks, online games and chat, has been called Read More

Amaxophobia reflects insecurity

Amaxophobia is defined as an irrational fear to drive and those who suffer from it can not think clearly, nor concentrate on driving, but on the possible dangers that may arise. Read More

DF authorities against bullying

Bullying in schools has become a public health problem in Mexico. Therefore, the government of the Federal District, published in the Official Gazette the reforms to the Local Health Law. In this, the Ministry of Health of the capital is empowered to organize and develop prevention and care programs for the victims of this violent behavior. Read More

4 tips for a good diet

Cholesterol is a fatty substance produced by the liver that circulates throughout the body through the blood. There are 2 types of cholesterol, the LDL which is the "bad" cholesterol that due to its high density sticks in the arteries and can cause a heart attack, and the "good" HDL cholesterol that cleanses your arteries, and is wrapped in triglycerides and other substances. Read More

Energy drinks and the impact on health

At exam time, they are consumed indiscriminately. They are energy drinks that promise extra doses of vitality and that have replaced the coffee thermos of other times. Only there is an important difference: a can has more than twice as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Many young people, to experience a high, combine these drinks with alcohol without knowing that the mixture can cause tremors and arrhythmias. Read More

Change your habits by doing fun things

The Fun Theory site (or the Theory of Fun in Spanish) is a private initiative that is dedicated to rewarding a fun idea that is capable of changing common habits or behaviors into something better. Whether it's for your body, in favor of the environment or something totally different, the only thing that matters is that a change is brought about to improve. Read More

Larger brain keeps larger number of friends

If you have many friends and you love to spend most of your time with your company, new studies indicate that it could be because your brain is bigger than usual, the virtual newspaper The Huffington Post publishes. Read More