Create sweet coconut IPN with protein

Students of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) elaborated a traditional sweet, cocada type enriched with fish , which in addition to containing carbohydrates coming from the coconut, it has high quality proteins.


The treat was elaborated in the National School of Biological Sciences (ENCB) by the students of the Biochemical Engineering career, Luisa Sánchez Miranda, Prisca Svetlana Vélez Arellano, Isaac Isidro Isidro, Edgar Miranda Cimbra, Gustavo Adolfo Monroy Flores and Erick Riveros Domínguez, who spoke about the importance of enriching traditional sweets Mexicans to boost their consumption.


In this regard, Sánchez Miranda stressed: "Traditional sweets are part of the Mexican culture and a delight to the palate, but the only thing they have is caloric intake. On the other hand, our country has very important resources rich in proteins such as fish. Therefore, we decided to combine both products to make a healthy treat with a nutritional contribution ".


He mentioned that a factor that has been decisive in the scarce consumption of typical Mexican sweets is the proliferation of transnational sweets: "The traditional Mexican candy has lost its value; it is only sold in the province or in historical sites. We, as students of Biochemical Engineering, intend to give a bonus to this type of product and thereby contribute to boost their consumption ".


He indicated that the base for preparing the candy is the pulp of coconut and non-fat fish, to avoid that the flavor predominates: "In the elaboration of the sweet we use oriental fish, which contains protein of good quality and does not have a very strong flavor. Otherwise the candy would not be pleasant to the palate. "


The candy contains no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors and contains 10% more protein than traditional sweets. It can be consumed by people of all ages, since in the different stages of life it is important to consume proteins , because they contain essential amino acids that the body needs for nutrition ; renew the tissue and improve the cellular production of the organism.

Benefits of consuming fish

1. Fish, especially blue fish, such as sardines, mackerel, salmon or tuna, are a very important source of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids help control blood pressure, improve function and reduce the impact of other cardiovascular risk factors

2. The habitual consumption of fish has been related to a lower risk of death due to cardiovascular diseases; reduces the risk of heart attack , depression Y senile dementia

3. The consumption of fish in women during pregnancy or in the period of lactation and in children during the first years of development, is an important source of fatty acids and iodine necessary for the development of the central nervous system


The fish it is an easy food digestion ; provides vitamins as important as vitamin A and D; with an adequate balance of the different nutrients. For this and other reasons, you should not exclude it from your diet .

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