Why does it give?

It is common that after giving rein to the palate and enjoying a rich menu, not only do you feel satisfied, but with a tremendous desire to sleep. Yes, once the pig's disease hits you, there's no way your eyes will not close and the only thing you want is to leave the office and get to your bed ... Why do you give? Read More

Avoid addiction to tranquilizers

Tranquilizers are drugs used to produce a calm or relaxed effect. They are classified into two groups, major tranquilizers and minor tranquilizers. The first are those that medical science refers to as neuroleptics or antipsychotic drugs, while the second are known as anti-anxiety agents. Read More

Improve your productivity!

Know the best rest routines of successful people and improve your productivity. What are the resting routines of successful people? Know them and improve your sleep habits. Read More

Take it easy!

Do you go around in bed without being able to sleep or do you despair that in two hours you have to get up and have not rested? No matter what you do ... there are simply things that take away your sleep for days or weeks. Even if you do not believe it, these things that alter your dream are different in men and women, so you have to visit a specialist to identify them and find a solution that suits your needs. Take it easy! Read More

"5 more minutes"?

Why is it difficult to wake up? because there is a genetic factor that alters the "biological clock" of our body. To understand why it is difficult to wake up check our note and improve your sleep. That it will not cost you to wake up! Read More

Sleep without clothes and lose weight!

Maybe you are cold and do not conceive to go to bed without wearing thermal clothes, double socks and put on a plush blanket. The truth is that sleeping free of clothes will help you to win the battle to the scale and forget the extra kilos ... If once and for all you want to try, then we share all the good that awaits you just by going naked to bed. Read More

Does it sound familiar to you?

A new study reveals that the moon can be a cause of insomnia, because lunar cycles directly influence sleep behavior. Discover why the moon is a cause of insomnia. Read More

11 ways to sleep better

Preparing to sleep is a good habit to be taken to rest properly. The key is to maintain a regular schedule so that the internal "clock" of the body helps you to start the process of sleep. Here are 11 recommendations for you to fall asleep: Read More


Choosing the best pillow depends on each person and their specific rest needs. However, choosing the best pillow can sometimes seem complicated because there is a great variety. To choose your pillow, keep in mind that the filling determines the softness or firmness of the pillow and even the potential to cause allergies. Read More

The lightning nap

The siesta is a tool that improves your health. Discover the types of naps that exist and how you can take advantage of them. Discover the types of naps that will help you get good health. What are the types of naps do they exist? Find the best option for you. Read More

4 infusions to sleep well

Know an alternative to sleep better. The infusions are ideal to relax and sleep well. There are plants that have somniferous properties so you can sleep well. Read More

4 worst sleeping positions

Know the worst postures to sleep and avoid them to have a pleasant and refreshing sleep. Find out which are the worst sleeping positions and take care of your body. The worst sleeping positions can damage your body, find out why. Read More

Causes of nightmares in adults

Know the most common causes of nightmares in adults. Nightmares are a manifestation of the brain that obeys various causes. Stress, anxiety and sleep apnea are some causes of nightmares in adults. Read More

5 tips to achieve a restful sleep

An adequate rest gives you the energy necessary to perform all your activities during the day, so it is important that you do or avoid some activities before going to bed. Read More

Do not do it!

Know the things that should not be in your bed and improve your quality of rest. What things should not be in your bed? These can generate insomnia. By avoiding these things that should not be in your bed you will have a better rest and quality of life. Read More

Take a break

We tell you when to do a digital detoxification. If you spend all day in cel, now is when to do a digital detoxification. When to do a digital detox? Read More

Check the frequency of nightmares!

Discover why some diseases cause nightmares. Diseases that cause nightmares? Know them and go to your doctor if you have them. The diseases that cause nightmares can be addressed in time, protect your health. Read More

Sleep well and stay calm!

Discover how to reduce anxiety with sleep. Reduce anxiety with sleep? Yes you can, discover how to achieve it. Research reveals how to reduce anxiety with sleep. Read More