Dominant hand makes you overeat

Most people have the habit of eating without thinking about the amount of food they eat, or how satisfied they are. According to the online publication of the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, a study conducted by the University of Southern California showed that people who eat a snack with their non-dominant hand decrease about 30% of total consumption, in comparison with those who use their dominant hand. Read More

10 benefits of laughter therapy

Stress, fatigue, financial and health problems, undoubtedly reduce our physical and emotional state. However, it is known that a positive attitude greatly influences our improvement. Laughter is an infallible method that in addition to reducing our levels of tension and anxiety, strengthen our immune system. Read More

10 benefits of massage with bamboo sticks

Do you want to forget stress in a natural and pleasant way? Then go ahead and discover the benefits of massage with bamboo sticks. This alternative therapy helps revitalize your body and eliminate the deposits of fat that are in your waist. Read More

10 physiological effects of relaxation

It only takes a few minutes. It does not cost money, nor superhuman efforts. It can be done anywhere and its benefits are so great that it can even change our lives. We talk about relaxation therapies (such as yoga or meditation) that not only compensate for the excess of stimuli and stress in current life, but also release the body and mind from the stresses that hinder the optimal functioning of the organism, as well as the natural processes of self-healing. Read More

10 steps to reduce stress

At some point in life, we have all uttered the words "I am very stressed". This is due to the state of tension, anxiety and nervousness that is generated when responding to the demands that come from work, school or family, and the additional obligations and problems of daily life. Some specialists say that it is not beneficial to have a high amount of stress, because it can have a negative effect on almost the entire body and cause serious health problems, according to information published in The Huffington Post. Learning how to deal with stress properly can lengthen people's lives. That's why here we give you 10 steps to learn how to reduc Read More

10 steps vs stress

The days of the second half of the year can be stressful, but you have the power to change them to enjoy them, so that they are the most positive, calm and happy of the year. According to information published by CNN, with the following 10 steps you will forget about stress and you will fully enjoy your life: 1.- Enjoy a little chocolate: This food is very comforting, because it is full of flavor and is irresistible. It is excellent to combat depression, sadness and irritability, thanks to its properties such as theobromine, caffeine and theophylline. 2.- Walk: This activity is ideal to eliminate tension and stress. A good walk helps put the Read More

Do not be part of the statistics!

Know the different techniques to reduce stress. In Japan they have many techniques to reduce stress, know them. Discover 4 effective Japanese techniques to reduce stress. Read More

3 things that renew you

We present 3 things that help you relax. One of the things that help you relax is to take a bath of hot water. Another aspect that helps you relax is to use an exfoliant or body cream with tranquilizing scents such as lavender, almond and vanilla. Read More

3 massages that help you relax

Massage therapy is one of the oldest health practices in the world and, nowadays, one of the most popular treatments in alternative medicine; In addition, it complements different methods in traditional medicine. Clinical studies have shown that massage can relax the body and mind, decrease blood pressure and heart rate, help in the treatment of stress and depression, provide relief of headache, muscle and joint pain; as well as symptoms of chronic diseases such as arthritis and diabetes. Therefore, we recommend three massage therapies that are very beneficial to health: 1. Thai Massage (Thai) It was developed to help monks to sit for long pe Read More

4 benefits of hobbies

Many think that the pastime serves to kill time, but in reality it is an activity with multiple benefits for physical and mental health, thanks to which generate a greater segregation of good mood hormones such as endorphin and serotonin. Read More

4 reasons to go to a spa

Without a doubt, giving yourself time to relax, de-stress and improve your quality of life, is essential to have good physical, mental and spiritual health. There are several ways to achieve it: walking, exercising, practicing yoga, reading, swimming or going to a spa. Read More

A space for fun

What activities do you recommend to end stress? The activities to end stress relax you and activate your creativity. 5 activities to end stress. Read More

5 tips against anxiety

Recognizing and controlling anxiety and negative moods should be part of the priorities of our hectic life. It is always possible to transform bad emotions into good ones. For this, it is essential to recognize the first symptoms and cultivate the attitudes that favor serenity. Read More

5 natural tips against stress

At present, stress can be generated from any situation or thought that makes people feel anxious, worried or angry, which mainly affects the quality of life. Therefore, it is important to find natural remedies that help to reduce tension and anxiety, with the objective that the mind and body are benefited. Read More

5 tips for a good relaxing massage

Do you crave a relaxing massage? Most people know the many benefits that this type of therapy offers to your body and, above all, to your health, since it reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and relieves muscle pain. Read More

5 differences between sauna and steam

Currently, saunas and steam baths are part of a healthy lifestyle. Among its most important benefits include the elimination of toxins, muscle and mental relaxation, water reduction in the muscles. Read More

Breathe and relax!

Reduce anxiety and work stress with these breathing exercises. Take care of your health with these breathing exercises against work stress. By practicing these breathing exercises against work stress you will maintain a good quality of life. Read More

5 exercises vs. anxiety

Anxiety disorder is characterized by feelings of anguish, fear and concern for a cause often unknown, however, is a condition that can not only be controlled with medication; there are exercises that help you control your symptoms Read More

Do not let the dream separate you!

How can you sleep as a couple? You can not sleep as a couple since you can not stand their snoring. How to overcome problems in bed and achieve a good night's sleep in a couple. Read More