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10 tips to strengthen your communication as a couple

Willy Pasini, founder of the European Federation of Sexology and specialist in psychiatry at the Universities of Geneva and Milan, said in a survey of 700 married couples over 15 years that a third party confessed to having abandoned sexuality altogether. Read More

5 phases of the relationship as a couple

Some couples usually go through a kind of syndrome of emotional fatigue. That is, when the passion disappears and the silences are gaining ground; love is made only by "checking card" or by mere biological urgency and the relationship is dwindling. At what stage are you? According to American psychologists Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson, every relationship evolves and goes through certain phases that coincide with the mother-child relationship. These would be: Fusion (when the two feel one) Read More

Does it make you known?

Know the uncomfortable sexual questions and improve your health. Do some of these uncomfortable sexual questions make you known? Some people are embarrassed to ask these awkward sexual questions, they know why. Read More

5 superstitions of sex

There are several scientific studies that demonstrate the truths about myths about sex. The specialists reveal that the myths about sex damage the sexual health of people, since from them arise a series of prejudices that do not allow to freely exercise their sexuality. To improve your sex life, GetQoralHealth tells you the truths about myths about sex. Read More

Until sex ...

If you have doubts, check these sex questions before marriage. A happy relationship is one that also thinks about posing sex questions before marriage. Sex questions before marriage? Read More

Male wish

We present the keys to understand men in bed. If you want to understand men in bed, check these keys. Do you want to know what are the keys to understanding men in bed? Read More

6 tips to resume sex with your partner

One of the main consequences of conflicts and dislike between a couple, is the interruption of sexual life. Which can and turns out to be very normal due to the accumulation of negative emotions that surrounds them. Read More

Better an SMS!

Why does not my partner call me? If your partner does not call you, you can send an SMS that allows you to express your emotions better. Know some of the answers to why your partner does not call you ... and take care of your emotional health! Read More

Most frequent sexual questions

Doubts and fears are the causes that motivate many sexual questions. Correct information is the best way to solve the most common sexual questions of both men and women. Meet some of the most frequent sexual questions. Read More

Get more time for you

Giving yourself time and space can help improve your relationship. Stress, boredom or monotony may make it necessary to give yourself space and time within the couple's relationship. Know how to ask for space and time to your partner without ending the relationship. Read More

Communication, key to health ...

How to tell your partner that you have a disease. Telling the couple that you have a sexually transmitted disease can be very difficult to do. Here we tell you how to tell your partner that you have a sexually transmitted disease. Read More

That the passion is not over

Having sex after an emotional crisis is not easy. How to have intimacy when there is a crisis within a couple? An emotional crisis can negatively affect the sexuality of the couple. Read More

When is he who does not want to have sex

Men always want sex. False. Having low sexual desire has been the subject of jokes directed at women for a long time, but men also suffer from low libido. However, it is difficult to monitor a real number due to the stigma that virility has imposed on the sexual life of gentlemen. A study by Psychology Today magazine and Redbook Magazine asked women about their view of their husbands' sexual appetite. Read More

The order of factors alters sexuality

The order of birth, being the sister or older brother, minor or "sandwich", can be an important factor in sexual compatibility with your partner. The position you held in your family can reveal the type of personality you have developed. If you were the one who was born first, it is likely that you have a controlling and leadership attitude, that you are bossy and dynamic. A good partner for this type of woman or man could be a person in need of protection. Read More