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3 tips for a summer without back pain

Summer is back and there is nothing more fun than leaving the city and enjoying the sun. Surely walking on the beach or just around our neighborhood will be a liberating experience. But wait, why not stretch those muscles and start doing outdoor activities such as mountain biking, swimming or climbing? What stops you from fully enjoying the summer? Back pain? Here we give you some tips to take care of it. 1. Cold or Heat Read More

3 promises to lose weight

Daily we are exposed to endless products and foods that promise to make us lose weight or keep thin, here we present 3 truths about some of them: Read More

5 benefits of reading

Everyday life is increasingly accelerated, which causes living in a constant stress that is slowly damaging health. However, there are activities that help reduce tension, worries and of course stress. Read More

8 tips for good tooth brushing

Do you spend hours in front of the TV but do you always feel lazy giving 15 minutes to take care of your mouth? Follow these simple tips and you and those around you will notice a huge difference in the appearance of your mouth. 1. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, in the morning and at night. Remember that brushing your teeth before going to bed is one of the most important actions to enjoy a healthy life. If you do it every night you will avoid many infections and health problems. Read More

Absolute safety in the use of tampons

A report from the Consumer Magazine of Mexico recently explored the information that, for years, circulates on the Internet about the myth that tampons contain asbestos to cause greater bleeding, and therefore, increase their consumption. To disprove these rumors, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had to issue a document stating that asbestos was not used in the production of tampons and warned that its use would be a crime. Read More

Acne causes depression

The connection between the presence of acne and depression in adolescents has been documented in many studies, however it is attributed to prescription drugs. Read More

5 tips to take care of your information on the Internet

Nowadays the Internet helps to communicate to people regardless of distance or time. However, due to this constant exposure, intimacy, personal life and the data of all those who use social networks, chats, email, etc. are at risk. For this reason, it is very important to take care of security on the Internet and for this GetQoralHealth provides you with the following recommendations. Read More

Friendship, divine treasure

From the family begins the process of making friends. It is easier to take to adolescence to make friends in your environment, so one of the keys is the sense of humor, share it with your friends is a very strong bond. Read More

Good beer for the health of your bones

If today you plan to celebrate, a good option to do so is to drink beer. According to an analysis of more than 100 commercial beers, drinking beer is good for your bones, reports the scientific journal Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. Read More

Noise pollution generates damage to health

The noise pollution in cities is the second cause of disease for environmental reasons, behind atmospheric pollution, said the director of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Europe, Zsuzsana Jakab. "The noise caused by traffic is a threat to public health," said the official in the first report worldwide that addresses this type of issues. Read More

Diabetes in adolescence

Adolescence can be a challenge for any girl or boy, since it faces sexual and emotional changes, this stage can be especially hard for a teenager with diabetes, a disease that millions of children in the world suffer from. Read More

Malnutrition limits the development of children

With the purpose of reducing the chronic malnutrition that affects children in marginalized and rural areas, Grupo Herdez presented the Saber Nutrir program, which seeks to create awareness and a change in eating behavior through education. Read More

The best sport to counteract overweight

We present some important data to consider if you suffer from overweight and want to start changing your situation. Dr. Roberto Rodríguez Nava, surgeon specialized in sports medicine and President of the Mexican Association of Professional Soccer Doctors, reveals some practices that may be useful. - Before anything, it is advisable to go to a doctor to make an evaluation of your current physical state. Read More

Unwanted pregnancy in adolescents

According to the publication of "Sexual and reproductive health in adolescence: a right to conquer, manual for adolescents" that indicates guidelines agreed by ISSSTE and non-governmental organizations such as CELSAM and EXPLORA and international agencies such as the Population Fund of the United Nations, here are some steps that can be helpful during an unplanned pregnancy in a teenager: Read More

In Mexico 7 out of 10 young people suffer from violence

Morelia, Mich.- (Carlos Erandi Rodríguez, correspondent / CIMAC) .- In the Mexican Republic, 7 out of 10 young people between 15 and 24 years of age suffer psychological, physical or sexual violence, and 3 out of 10 commit suicide because they feel excluded from society, said Analia García García, assistant director of Bienestar y Estímulos, of the Mexican Institute of Youth. Read More

School stress causes eating disorders

Starting or finishing a school period is a season of stress that can cause certain problems related to food consumption, says Loredana Tavano, coordinator of the degree in Nutrition at the Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA), for the newspaper Reforma. Read More

Medical students are used by drug traffickers

First the police, then the children, then the businessmen, and now, it is the doctors and health workers who have become perfect targets of crime for kidnapping, extortion, homicide and even, for the forced recruitment of their workforce at the service of organized crime groups. Medical students from Nuevo Leon, Sonora and Guanajuato have set alarm bells on the Ministry of Health and the universities to adopt policies that protect their students. Read More

Freddie Mercury and AIDS that affected his life

Innuendo was the last record recorded by the legendary Queen vocalist, Freddie Mercury, who on November 23, 1991, publicly announced that he had AIDS for a day after succumbing to a complication of pneumonia and this September 5, he would celebrate 65 years of age. Read More