Exams that every man must perform

In most of the times, a male check up aims to determine if there are functional changes in the main organs: heart, lungs, pancreas, liver, bile ducts, prostate, kidneys ... All this through laboratory tests and x-rays .


Exams that every man must perform


1. Blood pressure

It must be done after 18 years and at least every two years. Through this it can be detected that the pressure is less than 140/90, since if it is higher it could trigger a stroke among other problems.


2. Blood chemistry

Through it can detect various disorders such as diabetes, high cholesterol. If you are over 34 years old, you should get checked at least every five years, according to experts from the National Institutes of Health.


3. Digital rectal

Its function is to discover diseases such as hemorrhoids or anal fissures, but mainly it helps to prevent rectal or prostate problems, as well as prostate or colorectal cancer. If you are over 50 years old, the recommendation is to do it every year.


4. Eloctrocadiogram

It reveals information about the functioning of the heart, such as heart rate, the size of the cavities of this organ and the heart muscle. Upon reaching the 30's is recommended to be done every three years.


5. Testicular

The recommendation is to do it every three years after overcoming the age of 30 and annually after age 40, through this test the presence of testicular cancer is ruled out.


6. Osteoporosis

If you are between 50 and 70 years old, you have risk factors such as low body weight, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption or a family history of osteoporosis, these screening must be essential in your medical history.


7. Urinalysis

It is an excellent way to detect metabolic problems, but above all, urinary infections, verify the correct functioning of the urinary system and reveal any type of systemic affections.

Remember, your health is also your responsibility. Then do not wait until it's too late.


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