Merry Christmas!

We tell you how to avoid accidents due to your decoration. This Christmas protects your family and prevents accidents due to your decoration. The most common accidents for your decoration are fires. Read More

5 amazing tips of nail shine

Repair accessories and prevent your garments from being damaged with these nail varnish tips. Every Tuesday we give you advice, in this installment discover nail varnish tips. If you do not want to lose your buttons or your clothes break, follow these tips of nail varnish. Read More

Flu symptoms

The sudden changes in temperature also affect your dog and here we tell you the 3 main flu symptoms in your pet, so you can attend to it in time. Read More

Uses of hydrogen peroxide

The uses of hydrogen peroxide are many, some go in the medical part and others are perfect for your home. You want to know more about the uses of oxygenated water, we invite you to watch this video so you know more about this liquid. There are many uses of hydrogen peroxide, how do you use it? Read More

Pets are beneficial for health

Pets are the best companions of the human being, because they prevent feelings of loneliness, avoid stress and are an inexhaustible source of love and companionship. Read More

As it does?

Know the damages of the plastic molds and avoid using them in this way. What are the damages of the plastic molds? A study details how they affect your health. Do your plastic molds harm your health? Read More

Know them!

Know the main diseases of neglected pets and prevent yours from developing them. If you do not pay attention to your dog or cat you can develop these neglected pet diseases. If you want your pets to be happy, discover how to prevent the diseases of neglected pets. Read More

Change of habits

Women are one of the key points against obesity. One of the strategies against obesity is the change of habits. Women are responsible for changing the habits that help against obesity in Mexico. Read More

How can I participate?

How to prevent diseases in winter? The doctor Carlos De León reveals it to you. To prevent illnesses in winter, it is essential to cover your mouth, wash your hands and avoid self-medication. Knowing how to prevent diseases in winter is very simple, hygiene in your home and work, are key to achieve it. Read More

1. Make a positive balance

Christmas, New Year's Eve, meetings and inns, if you are one of the people who detest these celebrations and tell you that you are a 'Grinch !; we will remind you that it is not all about Christmas songs, gifts, parties and decorated tree. Read More

Public Enemy

Advances in the fight against cancer could prevent a tragedy for those who have Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Among the advances in the fight against cancer is also in gaining time. Laboratory treatment Amgen joins the advances in the fight against cancer. Read More

Find an air conditioner with micro filter

In extreme heat season it is difficult to sleep without a good air conditioner. But if you plan to buy one for the first time, or replace the one you have, make sure you have the quality filters to purify the air and leave it free of dust mites and dust. Read More

Degree of burns

The "Hot water challenge" or the "boiling water challenge" is a very dangerous and ridiculous challenge that has become viral in social networks. Children and young people take it as a challenge to boil water and throw it to anyone who is unprepared, in the worst case, they put their hands in the pots or put the water on them. Read More

Nesting, is just the new style that proposes to do nothing more than, relax at home.

With one day divided among housework, children, couples, work and personal projects, the last thing you think is to attend that meeting of friends and just rest, something that we do not so easily do, why? The accelerated pace, the anxiety to take advantage of time without meaning, are just some factors that lead us not to rest or enjoy or at least that was believed until now that millennials propose a practice to follow: Nesting. But what is it? Read More

Use micro filters

Indoor air quality should also be monitored, to avoid respiratory diseases or the development of allergies. Pay close attention to the ventilation you refresh your home or office, especially if you use air conditioning. Read More