10 actions against bullying

One of the responsibilities that parents have is to observe the behavior of the children, with the purpose of knowing the relationships established inside and outside the school to act in time against bullying. Read More

1. Radio play

Are you interested in knowing how to help your child be safer? Through specific activities you can help your child to be safer, check how. How to help a child to be safer? Read More

10 most frequent tics

It is estimated that 10% of children present at some point tics (what is known as transient tics of childhood), and between 2 and 5% keep them chronically. Read More

Make them sure of themselves!

How to strengthen the self-esteem of children? Discover 5 incredible ways to make them safer and enjoy their childhood. If you do not know how to strengthen the self-esteem of children, you should check these tips to achieve it. Read More

Make it safe!

How to make your child safer? Know the habits that you must change to increase your self-esteem. If your child is shy and insecure, you must implement certain habits to make them safer and happier. How is your son's self-esteem? Learn some tips to make your child safer. Read More

5 techniques to reduce childhood stress

Stress is a condition more and more common in children, whether due to social pressure, school problems or at home. Therefore, we present the best tips, so that in this return to classes, help your little ones to channel "correctly" their emotions: Read More

Make your experience unique

Find out why some children do not like going back to school. The return to classes can generate fear, so it is important that you know some tips to overcome it and that the return to classes is more pleasant. Read More

5 tips for a school change

For some reason, your young child will have to leave the environment in which he felt safe, calm and surrounded by friends, so the change of school will not be easy to assimilate, but keeping you by his side will help him to be less complicated . Read More

7 sequels of child abuse

Child maltreatment is one of the causes of school dropout and an important cause of child deaths. It is estimated that 62% of children have suffered child abuse at some point in their lives. Most of the time, child abuse remains hidden in Mexico. Read More

High levels of child abuse in Mexico

The United Nations Organization has placed Mexico among the most violent nations in the world. In addition to all that this implies in the economic, political and social, its most negative impact has undoubtedly among children, adolescents and adolescents who live different daily situations of violence. The National Report on Violence and Health, prepared in 2007 by the Secretariat of Health of Mexico and sponsored by the UN, affirmed the above. We are in 2010, and things have gotten worse. Read More

Art therapy reduces attention deficit

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a syndrome that is recorded from the first years of life and becomes very common during school age, which generates low performance, social and family problems and job instability, so it is important look for measures that contribute to reducing it, as is the case of art therapy. As the name implies, art therapy consists of activities such as music, dance, theater and other artistic and cultural manifestations. This helps the symptoms of ADHD decrease in a significant way, according to a study conducted by researchers from different National Institutes of Health. The experts stated that the o Read More

Learn to give bad news to your children

Communicating bad news is always a difficult process. The situation is complicated if the person to be told is a child, whose capacity to understand and assume what happened is much smaller and the impact of the news can have a negative effect on their development. But the reality is that negative experiences are part of life, and adults are responsible for helping the little ones to understand them. Read More

Guide him ...

Discover how children grieve. Did you know that children experience grief differently than adults? Know how children grieve and how it affects them. Read More

Bullying in schools

It is a phenomenon related to school violence, specifically the daily abuse and intimidation among children and adolescents. The behavior presented during this phenomenon is aggressive and with the intention of attacking another to cause harm; it is persistent and repetitive; It can last for weeks, months or even years. Read More

Bullying should not be tolerated

"A student is assaulted or becomes a victim when he is exposed, repeatedly and for a time, to negative actions carried out by another student or several of them", the psychologist Dan Olwes, the first student of the topic. Olwes began to investigate school violence in Norway, his native country, in 1973; However, it is from 1982 that he became even more involved as a result of the suicide of three young victims of bullying. This concept, so in vogue in our day, also refers to an imbalance of forces where an aggressor intimidates a victim through different kinds of unwanted behaviors: from the verbal ones (like heavy jokes, insults or slander) Read More

Help him handle his pain

A child, however small, can go through the childhood experience of losing a friendship and experience the pain in childhood. The reasons for the breakup can be several, the issue is that if there is a break, it means that you will experience a grieving process and will need help to resolve it in a good way. Read More

Bullying is an increasingly frequent phenomenon

Bullying is a behavioral phenomenon that has increased during the last years mainly in the infant population of basic education. This consists in permanently upsetting a classmate by means of nicknames, offenses and physical or psychological aggressions; in order to impose on the victim regardless of the degree of violence or mental harm that this implies. This behavior is a reflection of what they see in their home, such as: intrafamily violence; This is what Antonio González Chávez, head of the internal medicine service at the General Hospital of Mexico, says. The aggression can be verbal, with insults, ridicule or disqualification, or by o Read More

How to educate the children?

Learn how to educate children to be healthy and responsible for their actions. By knowing how to educate your children you can guide them to make correct decisions. Read More