Discover it and be amazed

It is easy to fall into the fatal error of thinking that the strength lies in not mourn, impose on others, get away with ours or pretend that nothing happens inside us when we go through certain situations belonging to the sad, difficult or painful categories. However, the strength may lie just the opposite.

Even though youHow are you doing on this topic?


Discover it and be amazed

1. You irrigated it, clearly you were wrong: How much does it cost you to offer apologies?

to) Much! Frankly I can not.
b) More or less.
c) Well, little, if you have to admit an error, I do it and that's it.

2. Something happened that makes sadness flirt you: How do you react?

to) I get angry!
b) I accept that I feel a little sad, and I vent when I am with no one around me.
c) I live my emotions and I do not qualify them.

3. How do you handle your anger?

to) Wrong
b) Regular
c) All right

4. Do you think that expressing your feelings of affection is synonymous with frailty?

to) Yes
b) Can be
c) Do not

5. Facing a difficult situation: Do you consider asking to help?

to) No, I do it very little.
b) Sometimes.
c) Yes.




Majority of A:

It is important that you stop in the way you conceive the strength , since it is possible that you fall prey to some clichés that are far from helping you; It is easy to escape from difficult or sad situations, as long as you do not face a situation or offer an apology if necessary.

It will be very valuable that you reflect on the way in which you approach the events that displease you, and that, from now on, you think that it does not make you weak to feel sad asking for help, or simply to say I love you.


Majority of B:

It is true, you flow well if you have to face a situation that makes you experience emotions such as anger; however, you have a great opportunity in front of you, and you can do it in a better way if you reflect on the ideas that sometimes prevent you from accepting an error or offering an apology.

Maybe you have clear areas that you can improve, so being willing to do it is a big step that not only speaks of strength, but also of honesty and love of yourself.


Majority of C:

Surely you have more than one anecdote that you know you could have solved in a better way that situation "if you had ..."; however, you have learned that assimilating what happens to you makes you grow. That is why you take advantage of all your experiences and do not stop if it is necessary to tell someone that you want it or that you need help, just as you do not think that it makes you fragile to have done wrong and accept it. Keep it up, do not stop.

Now that you know what kind of character you have, do you agree with it?

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