Do you sleep badly?

The sleep occupies a third of our life, and although its role in the physical and psychological repair of the body is still not entirely clear. The truth is that when any type of insomnia , the quality of life is affected.


Do you sleep badly?

There are different types of sleep disorders, and then we reveal the most common and some of their symptoms.


1. Drowsiness

Excessive sleep during the day The first cause of this is usually the chronic deprivation of night rest (for long working hours or for studying). However, diseases such as anemia or hypothyroidism can cause it.


2. Restless leg syndrome

In this condition, people experience an unpleasant sensation that forces them to repeatedly get out of bed while they sleep.



  1. Tingling, cramping and pain similar to burning in the lower limbs of the body
  2. Relief with movement (when walking or rubbing)
  3. During the day the discomfort disappears

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