3 keys to avoid bouncing

Most people question why it costs so much work lose weight and why it's so easy to recover it again. The famous bounce, according to the University of California It is due to different issues: age, lifestyle, physical activity and habits.

The truth is lose weight it gets more complicated with age because the metabolism it's slower, there's little time to do exercise and body fat increases. Likewise, adults resort to subsistence allowance express to meet the objective of slim down , which in the long run translates into rebound because it is difficult to maintain a feeding of this type.

Causes of rebound

• Sudden weight gain without apparent cause.
• Family with overweight or obese .
• Subsistence allowance Dissociated or regimens that are based on certain foods.
Subsistence allowance restrictive hypocaloric of less than 1200 calories up to date.

How to avoid rebound?

1. Follow a maintenance diet, which translates into eating healthy and balanced at least four days a week. There is an 80% chance of gaining weight if you do not diet of maintenance.

2. Make at least one hour of exercise to maintain the weight. The physical activity It is your best ally.

3. The rebound is much more likely in people who drastically lost weight; Therefore, specialists recommend losing weight gradually. Avoid the subsistence allowance miracle.

If your purpose is lose weight , the ideal is that you go with a specialist who will guide you and provide you with an adequate plan for your needs, both nutritional and physical activity , in this way you can achieve your goal in a healthy way and of course without rebound. Beware!

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