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Jealousy is a normal feeling in couples, which in appropriate doses can benefit the relationship. According to information from Women's Health magazine, the key is to learn to control jealousy so that it does not become a sick and insecure problem. Do you want to know its benefits? GetQoralHealth.com tells you below. Read More

To put them into practice!

Did you know that you can improve your sex life? The practice of good habits promotes a pleasurable and satisfying sexuality, free of pressures and worries, that is, these actions help you to have a responsible integral intimacy. Read More

10 tips to avoid infidelity in pairs

Experts say there are as many reasons for infidelity to detonate in couples, as men and women are on the planet. This is true from the point of view of diversity, by the fears and insecurities experienced by every human being who faces the commitment to sustain "forever" an affective relationship. Read More

21% of Mexicans are infidels

According to a GfK poll, 21% of Mexicans are unfaithful in their relationship, and most do so with a friend, office mates, with someone they met at parties or bars or resort with sex servers. Read More

3 out of 10 suffer violence in courtship

Violence in courtship is a recurrent and cyclical act, which occurs between two people who maintain a sentimental relationship; regularly appears among young people (16 and 22 years), because it is the time when they experience a relationship of courtship, says Donají Cortés Gutiérrez, coordinator of the Sexual Brigade of the Youth Institute of Mexico City. Read More

3 keys to be lovers and parents

When a couple decides to have a child, they must be prepared for a series of drastic changes in their relationship, so they must adapt to new situations, and the most frequent is to leave sexual activity in the background. Read More

3 tips to have better sex

This time we do not want to talk to you about the Kamasutra or offer you the best positions to be experts in bed. At GetQoralHealth.com we are convinced that, in order to have a better sex, we must enjoy a good sexuality. It seems obvious, but it is not. There are certain conditions to improve our sexual relationships. They are so easy to carry out, that you will be surprised. Read More

Send prana

Yoga can benefit your relationship as a couple. There are some kriyas you can do together with your partner to improve their relationship. Discover how a couple's relationship is strengthened through the communion of body and mind. Read More

35% of women have an adventure

According to data from the Research Institute in Clinical and Social Psychology, A.C. in Mexico, 15% of wives and 25% of spouses have or have had extramarital relationships; in the case of "adventures" in which there are no sexual encounters, the figures correspond to 35% of the unfaithful woman and 45% of the males. Read More

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Learn how to improve your relationship. End the routine in your relationship. To improve your relationship you should only know the needs of the other person. Read More

5 tips to create intimacy with the couple

Maintaining an affective relationship with our partner can be more difficult than it really is, because we begin to neglect small daily habits that could make a big difference. Dr. Juan Luis Álvarez-Gayou, director and founder of the Mexican Institute of Sexology A.C., recommends 5 simple tips to create healthy habits that improve the relationship with our partner. Read More

5 phases of a loss

The phases of a loss vary from author to author, but the psychologist and director of the Institute of Logotherapy, Rocío Arocha explains 5 phases through which every person who lives a loss, either by the death of a loved one, a break in a relationship of couple or even a job. The phases are the following: 1- Shock or stupor 2- Negotiation 3- Sadness 4- Depression / Resignation Read More

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5 reasons to end a relationship

Many times people remain accompanied by habit or routine, or because they do not have the courage to end a relationship that is no longer healthy or satisfactory. If this is the case, it is necessary to be firm in the decisions and to conclude at once; otherwise, in the long run it can be very harmful. Read More

Avoid it and live a full sexuality!

How to overcome the rejection of the couple? Discover some tips to overcome it. How to overcome the rejection of the couple? A specialist tells you how to fix it. How to overcome the rejection of the couple? Discover it Read More