7 tips to avoid infections in the gym

Going to the gym is very healthy, however, if you do not have the measures of hygiene necessary, is a great source of infections caused by mushrooms .

Due to the humidity in the gyms, the mushrooms they spread quickly and become very contagious. It is very easy to get infected in common sites such as showers, swimming pools and devices such as bicycles, stair climbers, etc. mushrooms The most contagious in a gym are the athlete's foot , tinea Y Onychomycosis .

¿Athlete's foot ? Know its features in the following video:


How do I avoid contagion?

1. Wear sandals. Never go barefoot in the changing rooms, showers or pools. Wash your feet and dry them well before putting on shoes again.

2. If you sweat a lot during your exercise routine, shower and dry yourself carefully, take special care in the folds of the skin . Do not share objects for personal use.

3. Keep your nails short and filed. Do not share the manicure utensils with other people. If you notice any abnormality in your nails go immediately to the doctor.

4. Wear cotton clothes. Change it every time you exercise.

5. Use talcum powder against fungus not medicated in your shoes. When you get home, place them outdoors to dry.

6. Use cotton underwear to keep moisture. If you practice swimming, do not expect the swimsuit to dry while you wear it.

7. Change and wash your gym clothes once you finish your routine.

Forget about the mushrooms ! With these measures of hygiene , you can continue enjoying your routine exercises healthily

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