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Burns 250 calories without realizing ...

Discover 7 simple activities that will help you burn calories. Burn calories with actions you can do in your day that do not interrupt your daily routine. Burns 250 calories in a simple way, try doing these activities. Read More

Exercise or entertainment?

Learn about fit dance and improve your body. Tone up your figure with fit dance and burn fat. One of the benefits of fit dance is that you improve your cardiovascular health. Read More

Not getting low enough

One of the main reasons why we do not see results in our body when we exercise, is because we are not doing them correctly. That's why, we tell you, the mistakes you make when doing squats. Read More

7 infallible exercises to reduce your waist

Having a waist like Thalia's is possible if you perform these waist exercises. The constancy and perseverance will make you look spectacular if you perform these exercises for waist. There are various exercises for waist that can help you to stylize your figure. Read More

Exercises to lose weight

The elliptical is one of the most noble exercise equipment for gyms, many of us start the routine in it as a cardiovascular exercise, but the truth is that it has many more benefits. The elliptical is recommended for all types of people, regardless of age or weight, since the pedals and bars give full support. Read More

Routine to increase calves

One of the problems with calf exercises is that the range of movements is very limited, but with good training and proper nutrition you can get excellent results. Also, to perform a calf routine may seem difficult because perhaps the muscles do not respond as quickly as those of other parts of the body. Read More


At 30 and 40 years, it is usual to start accumulating abdominal fat. If it is your case, you are one step away from solving it. Follow our tips to burn abdominal fat and recover a flat stomach. Read More

1 to 3 months

Many myths revolve around pregnancy, one of them is exercise during this period. Some women are afraid to practice their routine because of the complications that this can bring in the cycle. Read More

Identify it!

Did you know that dehydration from exercising affects your physical and mental performance? When performing your workouts you not only have to focus on the routines you perform, but also on the amount of liquids you must ingest during the time that you keep exercising. The Spanish Heart Foundation points out that during an exercise session your body gets to lose more than half a liter of water and mineral salts, through breathing and sweating, depending on the intensity of the same. Read More

Burn 300 calories!

In these holidays enjoy some activities to burn calories and forget about the effort. Do these activities to burn calories outdoors and achieve a toned body. Do not like to exercise? Then have fun with these activities to burn calories. Read More

10 Benefits of Barefoot Exercise

Scientists from the universities of Virginia and Colorado, in the United States, together with experts from the company JKM Technologies, have shown that exercising barefoot is extremely healthy. The study, published recently in the journal of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, mentions the following benefits: 1. It helps strengthen the muscles of the foot and ankle, allowing the body to make a greater integration and correct the imbalance in the movements. 2. According to experts, walking or running without shoes develops more strength in the muscles of the feet, legs and hips. This means an improvement in the way Read More

10 keys to ride a bike with your dog

Hairy, with short or long legs, bulging or hidden eyes, race or cross, in fact, does it matter to make you a happier and healthier person? I think not, then, why are you so lazy to take your dog for a walk? Read More

Karate vs. stress

Karate is a complete resistance and cardio exercise. According to the World Toeikan Karate Organization, it improves concentration and breathing. Read More

10 benefits of physical activity

Physical inactivity is the fourth most important risk factor for global mortality, and is increasing worldwide, in both high-income and low- and middle-income countries. If there is a favorable environment, the increase in physical activity is beneficial for health in all age groups. The World Health Organization (WHO) has made recommendations on the optimal amount of physical activity, but doing some activity will always be better than none. Inactive people should start with small amounts of physical activity and gradually increase its duration, frequency and intensity. Read More

You do not know what to do!

Do not have time to exercise? Here we give you some keys. It is not necessary to spend hours in a gym, just enough minutes of physical activity a day to have the benefits of it. Discover how to exercise even when you do not have time. Read More